Social Security

Asked by Jeff
Answered by Dave Bradley, Investment Manager (Financial Advisor) in North Charleston, SC
Hi Jeff. Thanks for your service. I am also a Veteran and reside in the USA. I do travel extensively. Are you living comfortably now? What would change if you ret...

Asked by Vickey
Answered by Chad Freeman, Branch ManagerPRO+ in Bethesda, MD
Vickey: I believe that Mark provided a thorough answer to your question, but I would add one more item since you are looking to take cash out. Take note of what you...
Asked by mary_4701
Yes, you will be able to file for your full benefits when you reach age 70.


Asked by Edna
Answered by Helen Barbre Stephens, Financial Adviser in Fort Worth, TX
Hi Edna, As when dealing with anything tax related, the answer is "that depends". A portion of SS benefits is taxed if income above a "base amount" (which is determi...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Alex Bentley, Financial AdviserPRO+ in Pacific Palisades, CA
You really need to consult with an accountant. It would be well worth the money.

Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Kim Miller, CFP®PRO+ in Redmond, WA
I don't see anyone here mention that collecting SS @ 62 and continuing to work will cause a takeback of the SS benefits. For every $2 of earnings over the threshold o...
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