Video: Simple Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

The Budgetnista Explains How in this Exclusive Video

Tiffany Aliche
MoneyTips Contributor

Credit Rating Borrowing

January 6, 2016

Tiffany Aliche is a popular financial known as The Budgetnista (@TheBudgetnista). In this exclusive MoneyTips video, the personal finance blogger explains simple ways to improve your credit score.

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Carla | 01.06.16 @ 22:01
Great ideas! Starting small with something like Netflix. I didn't know something that small could make that much of a difference!
Steffanie | 01.06.16 @ 22:02
Some really great advice on improving your credit. Always best to pay off as soon as possible.
Alec | 01.06.16 @ 22:05
This is a great idea! I've done something similar to this with random purchases during the month. I pay with the credit card and then pay it off before the end of the month or a couple of days after I purchase it. Our credit score has gone up quite a bit already.
Bobbie | 01.06.16 @ 22:05
I told my daughter to do the Netflix trick when she first moved out on her own. Have done a few of these tips to get my score back up, but it was a lot of hard work to pay down debt and get my score up from 550 to over 800.
Amanda | 01.06.16 @ 22:09
I never knew Netflix was good for the credit! I've been with them for ages now... But good ideas, as someone that lost all my credit in a divorce I basically started over last year. With help from a friend she has helped me get a credit card and I'm on the right track of restoring my credit.
Sarah | 01.06.16 @ 22:09
Always good to have a cache of options to improve your score. The easier, the better.
Heather | 01.06.16 @ 22:14
Wonderful information. I need to watch this several times to write everything down!
irene | 01.06.16 @ 22:21
Mine could use a little improvement thanks for the tips
Elaine | 01.06.16 @ 22:22
This is some great information on how to improve credit. I will be putting some of them into work soon.
Erin | 01.06.16 @ 22:27
These are great ideas on how to improve your credit. I will be passing this one along and following some of these myself. Thank you!
Ambar | 01.06.16 @ 22:31
Great tips! I´ve been using my boyfriend as an authorized user for about a year now and so far it´is work perfectly. I'll definitely will apply the rest to see how it goes.
Beverly | 01.06.16 @ 22:31
Great tips, definitely gonna have to bookmark this and share with friends. Simple is always better.
gracie | 01.06.16 @ 22:37
I really like the idea of putting small bills that you have to pay off anyway at the end of the month on your credit card and then paying card off as you would the bills at the end of the month. Using that tip helped me so much when I was building my credit on a tight budget because it doesn't require you to spend money that you hadn't already set aside for bills each month!
Kate | 01.06.16 @ 22:48
This is how we work out the credit cards that are required to build up credit. We have three that each month we just put gas on, and then almost right away pay those off. That way there is no interest and we stay out of debt. It keeps our budget on track too!
STOKES | 01.06.16 @ 22:56
Great tips for improving your credit score. I've been working on mine this year.
joann | 01.06.16 @ 22:57
Those are some great tips, and very easy!! I never knew the one about the authorized user on a credit card account.
Christina | 06.26.18 @ 02:09
How do I get a credit card to help me improve my credit score?
Carol | 08.12.18 @ 12:24
Past due accounts are only supposed to be on my report for 2 years and then removed thereafter. Why are mine still on my credit report and not removed? My credit score would be higher if they were removed as such. I have filed disputes, but nothing has been corrected. I have been working on it for the past 2 years, if not longer, to improve my score.
Siaosi | 08.18.18 @ 02:56
Great help and thank you. I will try my best to fix my credit.
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