Asked by Sara  |  Submitted September 09, 2015

Should I take out student loans when I already have something paying for most of my school?

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September 14, 2015

Sara, it really depends on your goals and what it is that is paying for your school that you mentioned. I hesitate to offer advice when I don't have the details but I'll put this out there for you. I just read today that according to a recent survey of student loan holders, 80% of want to work for an employer who will help pay their student loans for them and 1/2 of those would rather that their employer contribute to student loan payments instead of contributing to their retirement. This is disturbing to say the least because this group of folks won't be ready for retirement or they will be scrambling at the last minute to get ready for retirement - a daunting prospect no matter your financial situation. So, if you can give me a few more details, we can discuss further. 1) What is paying for most of your school?, 2) What field are you planning on going into or better question would be, is the field you're going into going to allow you to get a high-paying job when you graduate?, 3) Have you looked into grants and scholarships?, 4) Have you thought about working while going to school to subsidize and enhance whatever is paying for your school?, 5) What assets do you have?, 6) How old are you?, and 7) Are you still a dependent of your parents? That will help me advise you further. Thank you.

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