Semi-Retirement Is the New Retirement (Infographic)

Retirement Planning – Part 1 of 2

Semi-Retirement Is the New Retirement (Infographic)
November 2, 2016

Do you think retiring and working are opposites? Think again. Learn the facts about semi-retirement and how retirement plans of Americans compare to those of people around the world in our infographic above.

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Kamie | 11.02.16 @ 15:38
it is nice to see that there is still a percentage of people able to retire before they planned to, though I hope it is a choice to, and was not because of an accident, the graph does not fully go into detail about that.
irene | 11.02.16 @ 15:39
I'm not surprised that over 50% of people plan to keep working or at least working reduced hours. My sister is nearing retirement age and can't really afford to fully retire yet
trish | 11.02.16 @ 16:01
My parents retired, and both began new careers. Then retired again about ten years later. They did this because of health insurance reasons. While they were both healthy, they were afraid of the future. I am interested in finding out if those that retired sooner than they thought they would, did so more by choice, than by the companies asking them to retire earlier.
Zanna | 11.02.16 @ 16:49
This has been true for both my parents, they retired and then worked part-time for awhile. Now dad golfs and mom volunteers. I hope I can manage as well as they do, but worry about the retirement system failing us before we can benefit from it!
Daniel | 11.02.16 @ 17:47
Quiter interesting information, very well put together and presented showing just how thing break down
Chrisitna | 11.02.16 @ 17:48
Interesting to see the reasons why people retired early or later than planned. I'm surprised to see that so many continued working later than planned because they loved their jobs, and that so many retired earlier than planned due to reorganizations etc.
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