Secrets from Successful Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs

Work from Home Infographic

Secrets from Successful Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs
October 14, 2015

Want some tips and tricks for working from home from successful entrepreneurs? Check out the infographic above. All of these, plus much more, can be found in the free eBook, The Modern Entrepreneur: Secrets to Building a Thriving Business from Home.

Want more secrets, as well as profiles and survey results of successful home-based entrepreneurs? Then, download The Modern Entrepreneur: Secrets to Building a Thriving Business from Home. See if you have what it takes to start and run your own business from home.

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Sara | 10.14.15 @ 17:01
Wow!! lots of good information here.
Carla | 10.14.15 @ 17:02
Great article! Thanks for the tips. I will be looking into some of this.
Erin | 10.14.15 @ 17:03
Great infographic for those that want to branch out and go into their own business.
Elaine | 10.14.15 @ 17:03
Love the breakdown, thanks!
Sarah | 10.14.15 @ 17:03
Best infographic I've seen in some time.
Kate | 10.14.15 @ 17:03
Great info!! Going to try some of these tips with my travel business.
Owen | 10.14.15 @ 17:04
Great info!
Crystal | 10.14.15 @ 17:05
Great information
Jo Ann | 10.14.15 @ 17:07
Great tips especially the one sell yourself. If you gain a customer's trust and loyalty they will definitely spread the word.
Heather | 10.14.15 @ 17:09
Great tips and information. I can sure use this!
Bobbie | 10.14.15 @ 17:09
Interesting. Thank you.
Steffanie | 10.14.15 @ 17:09
Such great info!
Alec | 10.14.15 @ 17:10
This is really cool. My favorite tips were finding how much you can deduct as business expenses from home and how you can deduct cost of gas from driving to and from business related events.
Meredith L | 10.14.15 @ 17:11
I have been using a lot of these tips already. Great to have this though as a reference. With so much to keep track of, we don't want anything falling between the cracks for a successful business.
Kamie | 10.14.15 @ 17:11
The tips are great, and the ebook has been wonderful information
Zanna | 10.14.15 @ 17:11
Be genuine and budget your time on social media, so you don't get so involved that you use up all your time. Great advice!
Amanda | 10.14.15 @ 17:12
Very nice, short and sweet tips. Love the format used here. Lots of good information and easy to follow.
Angie | 10.14.15 @ 17:15
Thanks! These are great tips and I appreciate you sharing them for free!
Debbie | 10.15.15 @ 04:27
Really good information for a beginner entrepreneur
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