Video: Retirement Tips for the Military

Author Doug Nordman Reveals How to Achieve Financial Independence in this Exclusive Video

November 10, 2016

When Doug Nordman (@MilitaryGuid) retired from the military, he sensed a need for a retirement roadmap for service members, veterans and their families. In this video, the author of The Military Guide to Financial Independence & Early Retirement explains how he came to write the book and retire in Hawaii. Discover what he learned from serving his country.

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Nancy | 05.27.16 @ 17:01
I think many of these tips can be used by civilians as well.
Carla | 05.27.16 @ 17:01
My husband is a vet. These are great tips. I don't see us living in Hawaii, but I hope we can be comfortable in our retirement and enjoy it.
Steffanie | 05.27.16 @ 17:02
This will be very helpful for a few of my family members. I will definitely be sharing this with them.
trish | 05.27.16 @ 17:02
What a great thing he has done, for anyone, military or civilian. Great tips for all of us
Kamie | 05.27.16 @ 17:03
These tips would be great for those in military and those who never served. May not be able to live the lazy life, but at least can live where there is no stress on how long a roof over our heads is going to stay.
Erin | 05.27.16 @ 17:03
This is great that he has done this. I would think it would be quite a big change to go from military to civilian life. Hopefully this eases that transition.
Jonathan | 05.27.16 @ 17:09
Just like a civilian, save as much in as many places you can.
Elaine | 05.27.16 @ 17:11
This guide/tips are greatly needed for our service people. I do agree that could apply to us "common" folk too.
Heather | 05.27.16 @ 17:13
I know some family members who take advantage of somehow these. They are really great benefits.
Brittany | 05.27.16 @ 17:14
These are great tips, especially for civilians as well. My boyfriend is a vet, so it works :)
Wanda Langley | 05.27.16 @ 17:23
My Dad and One of my Son-in Laws both Retired from the Military. My Mother an Dad lived comfortable while they were living. My Daughter still Works but they both are 40 and doing very well and live Frugal so they should have a very comfortable Retirement when it comes time for her to Retire. I am going to Share this with them to see if they know all of these Tips.
Doug | 06.10.16 @ 01:43
Thanks to MoneyTips for bringing this interview back for a new audience! I'm the guy on the screen, and my contact info is there too. Feel free to ask me anything.
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