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June 17, 2015

When a financial advisor isn’t busy counseling clients on investing and retiring, she manages her own money and plans for a happy retirement of her own. It’s one thing to listen to an advisor’s words, but it’s another to see what they actually do to ensure that they will enjoy life’s second act.

We decided to profile the retirement saving journeys of five financial professionals who were willing to share their secrets. To give the project the proper perspective, each subject was interviewed by another money professional including a Certified Financial Planner ®, wealth manager and financial writers. Among the people who are enjoying their golden years and want to share the wealth are:

  • former-NBA-star-turned-financial-professional Detlef Schrempf

  • an insurance insider who dealt with rising healthcare costs in retirement

  • and a Certified Financial Planner ® who realized her clients were doing better than she was, so she started following her own advice and saved millions!

Their journeys to retirement, along with tips you can follow, are detailed in this publication. Our hope is that the collective wisdom of these comfortably retired financial professionals -- together with insights from other financial professionals -- will help you to prepare for your own successful retirement.

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If you want more retirement success stories, download the free eBook The Definitive Guide to Becoming the Retiree Next Door. If you are interested in learning more about successful retirees, check out our earlier analysis, The Retiree Next Door: Successful Seniors’ Surprising Secrets.

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