Welcome to the Retiree Next Door Movement!

Welcome to the Retiree Next Door Movement!
September 18, 2014

News Flash: Dozens of bloggers, writers and media sites are participating in the #retireenextdoor movement. Join us! Because it has been so successful, we have extended it. See HERE for details. Weigh in on your favorite posts by commenting on the articles below.

Welcome to MoneyTips.com’s “Retiree Next Door Movement,” the most exciting one-day financial event of the decade!

Why? For two reasons:

  1. Because Americans are facing a retirement crisis. A whopping 1 in 3 Baby Boomers are headed for a financial train wreck, according to research we conducted this spring. The middle class is facing even steeper challenges, with just 47 percent reporting they’re on track to meet their financial objectives.

  2. Because we know we can make a difference.

Not by ourselves, of course, but partnered with today’s most influential retirement experts.

At MoneyTips.com, we know a community helps Americans take control of their financial lives far better than any single thought leader can. That’s why — in partnership with Philip Taylor, founder of FinCon — we invited key financial bloggers and investment professionals to lead a national conversation about how to retire successfully. Our simple, yet powerful, belief is that this conversation will boost everyone’s odds of doing so.

The substance for The Retiree Next Door movement is research we performed this summer. With the help of the personal finance community — including Certified Financial Planners Jeff Rose and Cathy Curtis; Certified Public Accountants Ebong Eka and Ed Slott; Wealth Managers Greg Skidmore and Winnie Sun; and personal finance bloggers extraordinaire Philip Taylor and Bob Lotich — we conducted a comprehensive online retirement survey. Between July 23 and August 31, 2014, 510 Americans revealed how they saved, invested, planned for, and are now living out their golden years.

We share the results of this survey — and reveal the best practices of successfully retired and semi-retired respondents — in the free, easy to read eBook The Retiree Next Door: Seniors’ Surprising Success Secrets. It is written by renowned retirement author Emily Guy Birken.

You can download the eBook free of charge here.

The Retiree Next Door Movement Bloggers

Here is a list of all the bloggers and writers who made the commitment to participate in The Retiree Next Door Movement. MoneyTips is humbled that so many remarkable individuals have stepped up to help educate all Americans about how to retire more successfully

Want to retire in comfort? We have gathered some of the top social influencers in personal finance to share tips to help you dramatically improve your chances of one day retiring in style - 140 characters at a time. Download the free eBook "The #RetireeNextDoor Retweetables: 100 Best Retirement Tweets"

Let the free MoneyTips Retirement Planner help you calculate when you can retire without jeopardizing your lifestyle.

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