Asked by Joseph
Answered by Donn Sharer , CFP ChFC CLU in Millstone Township, NJ
Renters insurance covers your tenants, Joseph. As a landlord, it's very important for your tenants to carry this coverage for two primary reasons: 1) their personal p...
Asked by Martha
Answered by Chrissy Blake Lowe, Insurance Agent in Chandler, AZ
Renters insurance covers your personal belongings against perils like: theft, vandalism, storm damage, and fire. It also covers some living expenses if your home isn’t...
Asked by John
Answered by Nancy Greenwood, Insurance Agent in Methuen, MA
If you do not own the home or apartment you live in, or if you live with other people you are not related to, you need to purchase renter’s insurance. Your landlord’...
Asked by Erin
Answered by Nancy Greenwood, Insurance Agent in Methuen, MA
Yes! First you would have the items appraised, then provide the written appraisals to the insurance company to properly insure them. The items can usually be added t...
Asked by Shannon
Answered by Caroline Gerardo, C G Barbeau in Newport Beach, CA
Very sticky. IF you have a fire the insurance checks are written to owner and lender jointly. If the hazard policy is an owner occupied one the lender will likely find...
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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance
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