Price More Important Than ‘American Made’

A new study shows that Americans prefer paying less over buying local

Price More Important Than ‘American Made’
April 19, 2016

An Associated Press-GfK survey shows that a large majority of shoppers prefer to pay less for a product made elsewhere than pay more for something that was made in the United States. While many campaigns have touted the virtues of buying products made in this country, consumers have shown that price is more important to buying decisions than where a product originated.

National pride has little to do with the decision to purchase cheaper products. With the little to no increase in income over the past several years, many shoppers are looking to make every dollar count, and because products made abroad are generally cheaper, those are what they purchase. This is especially true for those workers who don’t hold a college degree. Employers are often looking only for college graduates, leaving anyone with only a high school diploma working low-paying jobs with little hope of advancement.

According to the survey, almost 75 percent of all shoppers said they would purchase products made in the US if they were cheaper or more readily available, while only 9 percent said they purchase only products manufactured in the US. Income had no factor on the results: those with an annual household income over $100,000 were no more or less likely to purchase US-made products.

The online poll surveyed 1,076 adult US citizens and was conducted between March 31 and April 4. Respondents were selected randomly from a pool designed to represent a wide variety of Americans.

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STOKES | 04.19.16 @ 15:37
Just because something is American made doesn't mean it's better quality. I try to buy local when I can to support my local economy, but I don't like to overpay to put money in the pockets of American corporations.
Steffanie | 04.19.16 @ 15:38
I disagree. I would be in the group that buys USA made products. Support our people first.
trish | 04.19.16 @ 15:38
Whenever possible, we always try and buy local. But on some items, you really do need to purchase something made overseas. I pick and choose depending upon what I am looking for.
Alec | 04.19.16 @ 15:39
In my opinion, most of the companies that make products here in America turn enough of a profit that lowering their prices a little to help out those who can't currently afford them wouldn't hurt. I would absolutely buy more products made in America if the price difference wasn't so big! We need to move our companies back over on to American soil to add more jobs instead of outsourcing to make things cheaper.
Nancy | 04.19.16 @ 15:40
I buy American whenever I can but products made in America are becoming more and more scarce.
Jonathan | 04.19.16 @ 15:40
I rock retail, and this is so true. Everyone makes run of the China or Mexico made product, but when they see the difference in price for the USA made, they seem to always choose the foreign made item.
Meredith L | 04.19.16 @ 15:41
Honestly, I would rather buy USA and I will pay more if the quality point is there. Things "aren't made the way they used to" be. We've turned into a throw it out society. Let's turn that around. QUALITY USA all the way.
irene | 04.19.16 @ 15:41
I buy local when I can but for some things the quality of american products just isn't what it used to be and that is more important than price.
Elaine | 04.19.16 @ 15:42
I am torn really bi would love to buy only American but like in cars for instance, I seem to trust foreign cars better. At least I personally have faired better that way.
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