Plastic Surgery Prices

The High Costs of Beauty

Plastic Surgery Prices
September 8, 2015

One of America’s greatest living thinkers, Dolly Parton, once said, “If I see something saggin', baggin', or draggin', I'm gone have it nipped, tucked, or sucked!” She is not alone. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), consumers spent approximately $12 billion dollars on collective plastic surgery in 2014. For some perspective, that is more than the entire GDP of countries like Nicaragua and Madagascar that same year, and is far above what will be spent on the presidential elections in 2016.

How much do these procedures cost on average? Prices for some of the most common procedures, based on 2014 data compiled by, are listed below from cheapest to most expensive.

  • Lip Implants – Fuller and richer lips through implants (as opposed to injections) cost around $2,500.

  • Otoplasty – Cosmetic ear surgery will run you $3,425 for the average procedure.

  • Labiaplasty – Whether for cosmetic reasons or to deal with sexual dysfunction issues, this form of vaginal rejuvenation costs $3,950.

  • Chin Augmentation – Do you feel that the lack of a distinct chin projects weakness? A stronger chin can be yours for $4,025.

  • Eyelid Surgery – Got droopy eyelids? They can be altered for a middling cost of $4,075.

  • Buttock Lift – lists the buttock lift price at $4,878.

  • Gynecomastia – It is not just women that can consider the breast area a trouble spot to be remedied via surgery. The procedure to deal with "man-boobs" averages $5,200.

  • Liposuction – This popular fat removal process costs approximately $5,900.

  • Breast Size – $6,500 is the average price for larger breasts, while $5,525 is the average cost for reduction surgery. With regard to augmentation, the RealSelf data does not distinguish between saline and silicone implants.

  • Rhinoplasty – If you choose to alter your profile with a nose job, $6,580 is the going rate.

  • Neck Lift – For about $7,275, neck wrinkles and flaps can become a thing of the past.

  • Tummy Tuck – You will not get a six-pack out of the deal, but you can get a tighter tummy for roughly $7,800.

  • Brow Lift – Forehead wrinkles, be gone — for the price of $7,825.

  • Breast Lift – For $8,000, ladies can rejuvenate their breasts and defeat gravity for a while.

  • Thigh Lift – Another way to hold nature and gravity at bay is through a thigh lift, which costs around $8,775.

  • Arm Lift – To get rid of "arm flaps" the average cost is $8,375.

  • Facelift – You can reverse the clock with a facelift to reduce wrinkles, but a youthful appearance and tighter smile will set you back $11,000.

Recent trends according to ASAPS include an increase in the "below-the-belt" procedures of labiaplasty and buttock lifts (49% and 86% growth from 2014, respectively). Plastic surgeons are crediting the increase in buttock lifts to the popularity of Kim Kardashian's backside — reportedly, that is the most requested celebrity feature to duplicate. Personally, I’d prefer my wallet look as fat as hers.

Another significant trend is the large increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic surgery. Michael Edwards, ASAPS President, said that the number of men looking at both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures is up 43% this year alone. Since data collection began in 1997, there has been a whopping 273% increase in the procedures performed on men.

If you decide to try plastic surgery, and like the results, you may be back for more. According to reports, half of U.S. plastic surgery patients are repeat customers. Plastic surgery procedures must be like potato chips; you cannot stop at just one. But if you eat too many chips, you can always suck the fat out later!

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Daniel | 09.08.15 @ 18:09
Such an amazing amount spent on tweeks, tucks, lifts etc Hey if you got the cash and you want the work i guess more power to ya
Kate | 09.08.15 @ 18:10
Just how can people afford this? My insurance certainly won't cover it.. More importantly why is society so vain now a days that they worry and spend this much on appearances.
Elaine | 09.08.15 @ 18:19
I can think of better ways to spend money but if that is what you want to spend money on, go for it.
Beverly | 09.08.15 @ 18:21
I'm not gutsy enough, or rich enough, to get any plastic surgery. Most, not all, plastic surgery is done for purely vain reasons and not really necessary.
Bobbie | 09.08.15 @ 18:22
Nope nope nope. Can't imagine going through any of those procedures, even if I had the money.
Owen | 09.08.15 @ 18:23
Eyelid surgery and liposuction for sure.
Chrisitna | 09.08.15 @ 18:24
I'm glad I'm okay with growing old gracefully. I honestly have no interest in most of these procedures, no matter what the cost.
Nancy | 09.08.15 @ 18:25
I think there are some legitimate reasons to have some of these surgeries. For me, the prices would be enough of a reason not to.
Crystal | 09.08.15 @ 18:25
So much more than I thought
Erin | 09.08.15 @ 18:26
It's amazing how much some of this surgery costs. Extreme weight loss (bariatric surgery) is a double-edged sword if you have to shell out this kind of money to take care of the extra skin afterwards.
STOKES | 09.08.15 @ 18:26
You know, I'm pretty okay with my flaws. But then, permanent hair removal isn't on this list.
Angie | 09.08.15 @ 18:32
To each his own, but I'd hate to know I'd spent that kind of money on something purely for vanity when one can pass through nearly any town and see the needy who'd be happy for a meal or a place to sleep - I'd feel better about sending my "extra" money in that direction...
Steffanie | 09.08.15 @ 18:41
Sad that people feel the need to spend that kind of money on their appearance.
gracie | 09.08.15 @ 18:43
I have no idea how people are managing to squeeze this in financially but hey if you have the money and don't mind the thought of needles and recovery then I say go for it.
Carla | 09.08.15 @ 18:45
Wow! That's a lot of money to spend but if I had to choose one, I would go with liposuction.
Meredith L | 09.08.15 @ 18:52
I'm all for going natural. It just bothers me that I would look in the mirror and not recognize myself. It would be different if it was new breasts because of a double mastectomy or something. At least that seems like a good reason to go under the knife.
Jonathan | 09.08.15 @ 18:54
Wow I knew there was a lot spent on plastic surgery but not this much. Imagine if instead we spent this on cancer research or education....., I understand it for burn patients and trauma incidents , but for crows feet..?
Jill | 09.08.15 @ 18:55
i certainly don't see the value in any of these cosmetic surgeries.
trish | 09.08.15 @ 19:22
I personally wouldn't put money towards plastic surgery. If I won a prize and could choose...I would get the neck lift when I get older...just to cut down on the number of chins I may have...
Andrea | 09.08.15 @ 19:30
Everyone has something they would like to improve or change, but the cost of these surgeries is crazy.
Zanna | 09.08.15 @ 19:39
As a child I used to beg to have my ears tucked closer to my head. Fortunately my mom was supportive, but explained exactly how it would be done and I chickened out. Seeing how much it would have cost, I'm glad I did!
Joanne grant | 09.08.15 @ 19:50
That's a lot of money for vanity
Debbie | 09.08.15 @ 19:52
The only surgeries I will ever or have ever had were medically necessary. As a parent of three the dangers far outweigh the benefits. I feel it would be selfish of me to risk my life for vanity.
Sara | 09.08.15 @ 19:53
Sad how much is spent to not look yourself. Wish I had the money to do that.. though would not spend it on that. lol.
Vaughn | 09.08.15 @ 19:54
I love that they put it in an infographic.
Wanda Langley | 09.08.15 @ 20:09
I just can not see me doing any of this. I am not a big fan of pain so if I have a surgery it will be a have to case not to change the way I look.
Britt | 09.08.15 @ 20:21
So much money spent on something so trivial.
Rychana | 09.08.15 @ 20:27
I couldn't imagine spending that much money on plastic surgery. Which I guess is why people goto other countries to see shady doctors that do it for less.
Kathryn | 09.08.15 @ 20:28
If you have the money, by all means do what makes you happy! I would honestly love to make my nose look more feminine.
Kyle | 09.08.15 @ 20:29
It's crazy what people spend money on! Especially when it comes to being "beautiful."
Morgan | 09.08.15 @ 20:32
I personally could never spend that much money on this kinda work. that's so crazy.
Sarah | 09.08.15 @ 20:33
It is totally unfair that a reduction costs so much... I mean less than $1000 less than an enlargement? Ugh... there goes my dream.
Victor | 09.08.15 @ 20:42
This not only sounds painful but also costly.
Kamie | 09.08.15 @ 20:44
I still want a tummy tuck, I know it costs almost $8k, but it bothers me that I have to wear clothes that do not properly fit me because of all the loose skin.
Ron | 09.08.15 @ 20:50
Guys are also getting deep into plastic surgery. One guy spent about $100k to look like a low-rent Justin Beiber. I would love butt implants, because mine ran away after a surgery, and I have fat to use. Let's do this!
Chelsey | 09.08.15 @ 21:15
I have never even heard of some of these procedures, let alone afford them. I am the way God intended me!
Donnie | 09.08.15 @ 21:35
What the rich and famous will do to keep getting a pay check
Apryl | 09.08.15 @ 21:56
Ridiculous waste of money
Ambar | 09.08.15 @ 22:02
Wao, 12 billion dollars to look "better"? Risking your health and your life. Human logic never ceases to amaze me.
Anna | 09.08.15 @ 23:13
I'm glad I'm happy enough that I don't want plastic surgery. That is way too expensive for a temporary fix.
Jackie | 09.08.15 @ 23:34
If I could afford it I would have eyelid surgery.
Crystal | 09.08.15 @ 23:38
Waste. You're going to age and all these little tweaks are going to make you look older. And ridiculous.
Christina | 09.09.15 @ 13:37
If that's what you truly want and have that much money more power to ya!!
Christina | 09.09.15 @ 13:44
Its crazy! The amount of money people spend on there self so they get others approval or to look like someone else..Try to love what you were blessed with.Just think of the women that have no choice to have breast removed because of cancer or some other reason.
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