Asked by Bill
Answered by Bill
Since nobody has answered, let me offer one. There are three alternatives: (1) sell the pension benefit (or take a lump-sum payout in lieu of the pension) and u...
Asked by Derrell
Answered by Dave Bradley, Investment Manager (Financial Advisor) in North Charleston, SC
Hi Derrell IRS rules prohibit putting your RMD into another tax-advantaged retirement account. Have you considered converting the remaining portion of your traditiona...


Asked by Cortland
Answered by Kim Miller, CFP®PRO+ in Redmond, WA
It may be more helpful for you to think of it as cash flow: "Every month Uncle Sam makes a pension deposit and a Social Security deposit in my bank account of $XX and...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Christopher Nesbitt, Insurance Agent in San Clemente, CA
Yes, I highly recommend you "take the money and run". And yes, you can put it in an IRA. But note that an IRA is just a framework for investments, not a description f...


Asked by Michael
Answered by Linda A. Stortz, CPA, EA in Seminole, FL
You must be asking if you can "make" an IRA contribution, rather than "take" an IRA contribution. No, either one of you must have earned compensation from wages, salar...
Asked by CJ
Answered by Carmen P. Calaway, Financial Adviser in Tustin, CA
Dear CJ, first of all the reason I may answer your question(s) because I am also lic and reg. in FL. For me to be able to answer your question, I need additional infor...
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