Our Tax Returns Reveal Our Secrets (2016 Infographic)

Snapshots of American Life revealed by Federal Tax Returns

Our Tax Returns Reveal Our Secrets (2016 Infographic)
March 3, 2016

While everyone's preparing their tax returns for the 2015 tax year (or should be), we took a look at the trends revealed by Americans' tax returns over the nineteen years from 1995 to 2014. Did you know that the number of people claiming unemployment compensation had almost halved since its peak in 2010? Or that alimony payments get reported much more than alimony receipts do? Check out our infographic above for more interesting facts.

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irene | 03.04.16 @ 12:33
Interesting, who knew there were so many secrets revealed! Our refund was smaller than we hoped because of not having tax taken out of unemployment.
Steffanie | 03.04.16 @ 12:38
Sad to see the number of farmers filing has declined. They are what keeps this country going. Glad the unemployment has decreased though.
Zanna | 03.04.16 @ 12:51
We're paying more, much more... for much less in return. The most worrying, to me, is the drop in farms. As we lose the family farms to corporations, we are putting our food supply at a huge risk, and most people won't pay any attention until it's too late. Scary.
Jackie | 03.04.16 @ 12:57
I wonder if the decrease in people filing for unemployment insurance is due to the number that now receive disability from Social Security. That number has gone up dramatically in the past few years. It's interesting that people don't claim receipts. I save every receipt until after having my taxes filed.
Daniel | 03.04.16 @ 13:11
Seeing trends like this is quite educational, visually the impact really hits on what types of things have declined.
trish | 03.04.16 @ 13:12
Great to see the number for unemployment has decreased. But I am hoping we are just in a small lull for the farms...they are so important to our health as well as our economy.
STOKES | 03.04.16 @ 13:15
That was some really interesting information. Especially about the decline in farms filing.
Jonathan | 03.04.16 @ 13:15
I love infogtaphics, make complicated things simple. Thanks!
Sarah | 03.04.16 @ 13:20
those are some interesting numbers and trends. I love infographics. they make it so much easier to understand.
Kamie | 03.04.16 @ 13:33
I never knew there were all these secrets, but I know for next year I will definitely be ahead of the game!
Brittany | 03.04.16 @ 13:43
This was a great graph with lots of good information. I already filed mine for last year, but I'll be sure to pass this along.
Kailie | 03.04.16 @ 13:44
Very interesting. I knew about some of these , but not a lot of them. Great graphic with lots of useful info
Heather | 03.04.16 @ 13:45
That is some crazy information! So glad to see that there has been an increase to people filing returns. That means there really has been job growth over these past few years.
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