Asked by Zanna  |  Submitted September 04, 2015

Our ageing parents may need full-time care before we're ready to retire. What can we do to protect our funds and prepare to help them, too?

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September 14, 2015

Hi Zanna, it all depends on what assets they have for this purpose. Do either of them have any long-term care coverage? Will they have any assets they can liquidate if one or the other should need long-term care? That's the first step. Talk to an elderly care professional would be my next recommendation. They have all of the resources and expertise to point you in the right direction, let you know what benefits may be available locally, federally, and tell you what may be required. The more you know now, the better prepared you'll be - asking your questions is a great way to start. If you connect with the right facility, these consultations should be free of charge. After they tell you what would be required, then you'll have the information you need to follow that up with any proper financial planning that may need to take place and depending on your parent's assets and how they are structured, I would always recommend speaking with an Estate Attorney or qualified financial professional who understands Estate Planning. Hope this helps and please let me know if I can be of more help.

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March 27, 2016

Hi Zanna.
We get this one quite often and having many close friends and an extended family, I have gained much valuable experience with this one.

LTC may work for both you & your parents-more importantly, affordability over the long term is where we need to dive deep into. We can certainly help you keep more of your hard earned $$ working just as hard for you as you have for the $$. because you deserve nothing less.

Some questions off the top of my head:

1). Do you have an Estate plan set up for you & your parents?
2). What are your thoughts on living at home verses assisted living for you & your parents?
3. What is your best estimate on total costs for your parents and you during retirement?
4). What is your MARR (Minimum Acceptable Rate of Return)

The main things to consider are time & how much in assets you have available.

First. we need to determine how much in assets you currently have to work with. Next, how much time do we have to grow those assets before you need to take some out. Also, we need to ensure that you never run out of assets and set up contingency plans for the unexpected.

We can customize a portfolio for you. As an Investment Manager, my job is to eliminate risk by getting you where you need to be and keeping you there.

Feel free to contact me to discuss further. No obligation.

It's not what you make, It's what you keep that determines your lifestyle.

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