Asked by Charlene
Answered by David Skow
Mortgage Professional in Seattle , WA
Charlene – thanks for the question … the rocing will depend on a lot of information not on your post…type of property ? loan amount ? value / purchase price? Down pa...
Asked by Angie
Answered by Ted Rood PRO+
Mortgage Professional in Maryland Heights, MO
Hi Angie, I don't know how handy/savvy/experienced your daughter is regarding buying and selling real estate, but in general, flipping houses requires some pretty spe...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Michael Shafer
Financial Adviser in Long Beach, CA
Great Question. I'm assuming, which I hate to do, that you have substantial economic income, but through exclusions, deductions or credits that you pay little regular ...
Asked by Per
Answered by Chance Barrett
Financial Adviser in Kalispell, MT
Great question. First, I would say it depends on your Risk Tolerance and Time Horizon. If you are able to handle bigger fluctuations in your account and have some time...
Asked by Bamelmont
Answered by Dave Bradley
Investment Manager (Financial Advisor) in North Charleston, SC
Hi Barbara, Are you seeking FDIC insurance on this account? FDIC insurance covers all types of deposits received at an insured bank, including deposits in a check...
Asked by Barbara
Answered by James Barath, CMPS
Certified Mortgage Planner in Crown Point, IN
Unfortunately, your question is to vague to give an appropriate response. If you're serious about investing in real estate in the state of Delaware, you should seek pr...
Asked by mitupper
Answered by Susan Penney
Financial Adviser in Oklahoma City, OK
Only if you want to get audited.
Asked by joserafaelramos
Answered by MoneyTips Writing Staff
Financial Adviser in Los Angeles, CA
Hello Jose, Buying property in Mexico is quite a bit different than buying in the U.S. This article details some key points to help you decide: http://www.moneytips...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Dave Bradley
Investment Manager (Financial Advisor) in North Charleston, SC
Hi Anonymously. Business Development Companies (BDCs) provide investors with exposure to both debt and equity mainly to small and medium privately held firms. They ar...
Asked by Russell
Answered by Hosh Weekes
Financial Adviser in Hampton, VA
You don't, unless you want to jeopardize your life by filing taxes on those investments, and thereby committing what is known to the federal government as money launde...
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