Optimize Your Debt!

Simple, Free Method to Minimize Your Interest Payments

Optimize Your Debt!
March 6, 2017

Got debt? Want to lower your interest payments? Whether it's a small credit card balance, student loan, car payment, or a large mortgage, millions of us have racked up debt totaling billions – no, trillions! In fact, the latest estimate for U.S. consumers is more than twelve-and-a-half trillion dollars. That's over $12,500,000,000,000!

Even if we had to pay that debt back at just 1% interest, that would still cost us more than $125 billion a year. Sadly, most of that debt is pegged at a higher interest rate than 1%. Some credit card interest rates are north of 25%! Do you put off opening your statements each month because you don't want to see how much interest you're paying?

Good news! If you're in debt, MoneyTips can help save you money. (And if you're not in debt, please tell us your secret!) We are offering our members exclusive access to our Debt Optimizer, a free tool that works for you to lower your interest payments.

How? We analyze your debt, and then suggest ways to lower your interest rates that are personalized just for you. For example, we might offer you a lower-interest credit card or show you how you can save by paying off your debt with a personal loan. We may even suggest that you're a strong candidate for a balance transfer credit card that would consolidate your debt at 0% interest. That has to be a better deal than what you're paying now! Even if you're in debt twelve-and-a-half trillion dollars, 0% interest is still $0. Coincidentally, that is exactly what it will cost you to use Debt Optimizer!

The offers presented by Debt Optimizer are based on your current credit profile and borrowing eligibility. We can't guarantee you'll qualify for every offer we suggest, but they are tailored to your specific needs and based on your unique financial situation. In addition, we will total up your current debts and break them down by category so you can see your situation the way lenders do.

Savings Offers in Debt Optimizer by MoneyTips

But wait; there's more! Debt Optimizer works by examining your credit report, so we're going to let you do that, too. By enrolling in Debt Optimizer, you'll also get to read your credit report and see your credit score within minutes. Since it's free, you won't even have to give us your credit card number to see them.

Looking at your credit report, you may learn that a mistake has been made that is costing you "bigly" in interest fees. It may even show that an old bill that you paid off is marked "unpaid", that someone else's delinquent account was attributed to you, or a thief is using your identity, harming you in the process. When it comes to finances, knowledge is power! The more you know, the more you can help yourself to live a better life.

Debt Optimizer can make you offers that will lower your payments, so you pay less interest and more principal. That in turn can raise your credit score, making you eligible for even better loans and credit cards. Which could lower your payments, raise your credit score, making you eligible for EVEN BETTER loans and credit cards, which would… well, you get the picture. Instead of a vicious cycle of higher interest, missed payments, and worse credit, let Debt Optimizer put your wallet into a virtuous cycle of better offers, lower interest, higher credit and stronger finances.

Try Debt Optimizer by MoneyTips today! What do you have to lose except for high interest payments?

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Carla | 03.07.17 @ 19:22
We have been lucky so far not to owe anything on our credit card. We have one for emergencies only. I do try to negotiate the interest rates yearly on our credit card and pay it off as we use it. The only thing we owe are a few medical bills and our mortgage. I have a few friends that could really use Debt Optimizer so I will pass this on to them. Thank you!
Zanna | 03.08.17 @ 03:13
This sounds like a very useful tool, and I hope we can find some ways to minimize the total debt we're paying! Thanks for the help!
Myrna | 05.13.20 @ 12:52
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