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Not sure where to turn for complex situation...

We have poor credit and are behind on taxes. My husband is self employed - but I have a solid job. Our landlord is selling our house - we have first right of refusal; our lease is up April 27 2015.

We have been on a strict budget since Nov 1 and now will try to tackle credit card debt but then we wont be able to put together a large down payment. We possibly can get cosigner.

What is our best approach?

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February 26, 2015

thanks for the post ...1) meet with a local loan person and begin pre approval process ...a good loan officer should be able to tell you quickly if a loan is possible after pulling credit report and reviewing your data ( income / assets / employment etc...)

Depending on the credit scores / your down payment / your tax issues ....there may be limited or possibly no options ....and if this is the case - at least you will know what needs to be worked on so you can possibly purchase in the future.

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