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My husband is currently covered under my health insurance plan Anthem Blue Cross /PPO. He will be 65 years old in Oct. 2015.

He should be eligible for medicare not sure which part? Can you please advise what I need to be reviewing regarding Medicare Plans & Primary Health Care Insurance Plans Available for 65 years .

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October 13, 2014

I think our Medicare 101 article may answer many of the questions you may have.

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January 08, 2015

When your husband turns 65 in October, 2015 he will receive Part-A for free. He will have to buy Part-B which usually costs around $106 per month depending on income.

Once he buys Part-B he is eligible to keep the Original Medicare, Parts A&B, for his medical coverage and he can buy Part-D for prescriptions (Rx).


1). He can convert Part-A and Part-B to a Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO), usually at no monthly charge, and this plan replaces Original Medicare and Includes Part-D (RX)......most carriers offer these plans.

2.) He can buy a Supplement Plan that pays over and above what Parts A&B pay and he would still need to buy Part-D for RX.

He can apply for Part-B two (2) months before his 65th birthday, and up to 2 months after. There are penalties for not applying unless he has Group Medical Insurance, then there is no penalty for waiting to apply for Part-B when he retires and gives up the group coverage.

The same applies with Part-D for drugs.....if he waits, there's a 1% per month penalty for not buying it, unless he's on a Group Plan or buys a Medicare Advantage plan which includes Rx.

I hope this makes sense.

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