Asked by Brittany  |  Submitted January 20, 2016

My friend bought life insurance online. It seems okay but can you trust what you see online?

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January 20, 2016

Hello Brittany,

When searching the topic of life insurance online, the “online” part of your search will put you in touch with human beings whom you can trust as much as you trust human beings that you meet offline. The human element is key, since insurance information often requires an able person to help clarify it. Put another way, I may trust the info or not but when I want to get underneath the numbers and text, I want a human to help me do it. At that point is where most of us start to get the sense of whether we can trust the person we are talking with.

Remember that the online part is simply the way that the initial connection happens. From there, it is you and an advisor that you would evaluate in a number of ways. You may, with insurance, check a person’s license status at your department of insurance website. Not only license status, but also complaints against the licensed person or entity can be reviewed. Remember the days when you went to look for a business providing services and you looked in a phone book? You called ABC Plumbing and spoke with a reliable human being who unclogged your drain, right? Well, going online to look for life insurance works in much the same way in that we connect and you get what you need. All of us are continually evaluating the trustworthiness of those we seek advice from, and it seems to me that every transaction involves a degree of trust.

We provide life insurance for thousands and have given them no reason to not trust us. Were it otherwise, I would have to speak of our service in the past tense.


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