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ENTowner Build a Legacy Inc. Non-Profit Org. in TX


I truly believe that every individual has a purpose in life, to fulfill a higher calling, maybe even make a positive change in legislation that will make this world a better place in which to live. My goal in life is to assist in accomplishing this task. I have always had a passion for law and justice and pursuing knowledge that brings about accountability for one and all. As a parent, I say to my grown children, 'let me smell my roses, while I'm still alive". Having a positive attitude, investing in education, striving to be the very best version of yourself, and giving back to those less fortunate are all worthwhile endeavors. I am a model for those who have been dealt a rough hand in the early stages of life on overcoming obstacles and stepping out of the victim mode by taking action and responsibility for decisions that affect our lives.

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Asked by Ashley Soto
Answered by En Towner
ENTowner Build a Legacy Inc. Non-Profit Org. in TX
Yes. Requesting a credit limit increase is considered a "hard inquiry" and will knock points off your score. Limit your exposure to one or two per year. Tip: the only ...
Asked by davjac
Answered by En Towner
ENTowner Build a Legacy Inc. Non-Profit Org. in TX
Greetings. Age does play an important role in the payments, lenders will offer higher payments because you both have less time (according to statistics) to pay. I woul...


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