The MoneyTips Mortgage 101 Webinar for First-Time Homebuyers

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The MoneyTips Mortgage 101 Webinar for First-Time Homebuyers
September 30, 2021

Buying your first home is exciting, but applying for your first mortgage can be nerve-wracking. Without experience in the mortgage process, you could pay too much, not get the best mortgage available, or lose your dream home when the financing doesn’t come through.

Besides having a down payment and a good credit score, knowledge can help you land the mortgage you need. Before you sign any papers, you should understand how mortgages work, including the different types available, as well as the materials loan officers need to provide approval and other fundamental aspects of the process.

On Thursday, May 5th, at 11 AM PST, MoneyTips is proud to present the Mortgage 101 Webinar for First-Time Homebuyers, which will cover the foundational knowledge you need before entering the mortgage world. This highly informative, hour-long webinar will feature two of America’s most influential mortgage experts: Brandon Snider and John Glen Stevens.

Brandon Snider, the District Manager of Willow Bend Mortgage, was recognized as the number one Homes for Heroes Lender in Alabama for 2014. He has extensive knowledge of all conventional and government loan programs and specializes in working with first-time homebuyers.

John Glen Stevens is the National Vice President of Business Development for MiMutual Mortgage in Michigan. He serves as the Vice President of the National Association for Mortgage Professionals.

Both presenters will be providing valuable insights on acquiring a suitable mortgage, avoiding common pitfalls, and getting you up to speed on the process. The last segment of the webinar will be reserved for a Q&A session to cover all of your mortgage-related inquiries.

Attendance is free. Spend an hour with MoneyTips, or perhaps spend thousands of dollars more on your mortgage!

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trish | 04.29.16 @ 15:02
I am not purchasing my first home, but I still think there is plenty I could learn from this webinar. Count me in!
Carla | 04.29.16 @ 15:03
I would have loved to have had this webinar before we bought our home because we made so many mistakes. I am sending this link to my son so he may do better than we did.
Kamie | 04.29.16 @ 15:03
Definitely going to be attending this webinar, hopefully there will be some new things that I will learn, or get some new tips to where to look, and what to look for.
Erin | 04.29.16 @ 15:04
This is a great idea! Something like this would have been so helpful when we were in the process of purchasing our first home. There were so many things we went into blindly, and I wish we had been better prepared for most of it.
Steffanie | 04.29.16 @ 15:04
Sounds like this will have some great information. We have a daughter searching for her first home so this will be a tremendous help to her.
Elaine | 04.29.16 @ 15:04
I remember the first time I purchased a home, it was very extremely scary. Wish I had learned more before the whole process to put me more at ease.
Jackie | 04.29.16 @ 15:04
We've purchased several home over the past 50 years and the information in the webinar would have made the process much easier.
Jonathan | 04.29.16 @ 15:05
Thanks I'll share this with my friend who's looking to buy.
Alec | 04.29.16 @ 15:05
I'll have to set a reminder so I don't forget to attend. My husband and I are looking to buy a house within the next three years or so. I need to learn everything I can now so I know more about what we're getting in to and how better to save money.
Jane | 04.29.16 @ 15:07
There are so many things a first time home buyer needs to know when purchasing a first home. I wish I had a webinar I could have attended to learn my way through that maze. It can be confusing to try to weed out good advice from bad advice when you hire a realtor.
Smoore | 05.02.16 @ 18:08
My grandson has just graduated college, got married and is looking to buy. This will be most helpful.
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