Home-Based Business Twitter Chat Recap

Learn the Secrets of Working from Home

Home-Based Business Twitter Chat Recap
September 11, 2015

People enjoy working from home. A recent MoneyTips survey showed that 97% of such people running a successful business or freelancing love or like working from home. So it came as no surprise that the #RenegadeMM Twitter Chat: “The Modern Entrepreneur: Secrets to Building a Thriving Business From Home,” co-hosted by MoneyTips and Forbes contributor Winnie Sun on September 10, 2015, was met with an overwhelming positive response.

The chat generated nearly 60 million impressions on Twitter, reaching more than 8 million unique users. The back-and-forth was full of non-stop great advice about how to launch a home business, avoid pratfalls and achieve work/life balance as a home-based entrepreneur.

The All-Star panel included successful entrepreneurs:

  • Jeff Timmons, founding member and vocalist in the multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated, American pop band 98 Degrees
  • Lindsey Natzic-Villatoro, Photographer, Love Song Events and Photography
  • Dr. Joyce Knudsen, Ph.D., The ImageMaker, Inc.
  • Jeb Blount, CEO, Sales Gravy, Inc., and
  • Adryenn Ashley, Founder of Crowded Reality, Inc.

Check out the highlights below and move one step closer to starting your new home business! Profiles of these entrepreneurs are in our new eBook, “The Modern Entrepreneur: Secrets to Building a Thriving Business from Home”.

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