MoneyTips Retirement Survey Findings

MoneyTips Retirement Survey Findings
January 12, 2018

MoneyTips recently conducted a survey of 452 Americans to understand their perceptions and behavior regarding retirement. Some of the respondents were already retired, while others were decades away from their golden years.

Below you'll find the articles we have published describing and analyzing the findings of this exclusive survey. Click on the links below to read more about each topic.

Only 1 In 6 Believe Trump's Policies Will Help Their Retirement

Less Than Half Of Us Believe Our Money Will Last Through Retirement

Nearly 1 In 3 Americans Not Spending Less In Retirement

Nearly 1 In 4 Americans Has Done No Retirement Preparation

Less Than Half Of Us Believe We Will Ever Stop Working In Retirement

Half Of Us Are Stressed Or Concerned Thinking About Retirement

Most Americans Haven't Decided How Much Money They'll Need To Retire

More Than Half Of Those Who Planned To Retire at Age 65+ Retired Sooner Than Expected

More Than 2 in 5 Americans Would Rather Die Young Than Live In Poverty

The Most Important Advice From Current To Future Retirees

Regardless of where you plan to retire, the number one factor in ensuring that you can retire on your terms is your 401(k). Make sure that your 401(k) is maximizing its potential with this free analysis that checks your fees, fund mix, and other factors to help you hit your retirement goals.

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