MoneyTips Premium Membership Now Available To Protect You From Identity Theft Further

New Membership Plan offers more Protection for less

MoneyTips Premium Membership Now Available To Protect You From Identity Theft Further
March 19, 2019

It's staggering how many ways your identity can be stolen:

  • A hacker could break into your accounts (especially if they have weak passwords);
  • A thief could see you enter a password at an ATM, gas pump, or on your phone;
  • You could lose a credit card… or your whole wallet;
  • Your financial and personal data could be taken from public Wi-Fi;
  • You may be duped by a phishing email;
  • A deceptive text could get you to divulge information (known as SMiShing);
  • A hacker could break into a database your info is in, such as the Equifax credit bureau hack that affected nearly 150 million Americans [LINK];
  • Your home could be burgled, along with sensitive data;
  • You may unknowingly link up to a fake Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • Someone may steal your mail containing valuable info;
  • You may visit an unsecure website on your phone or computer;
  • A skimming device could be installed at the ATM or gas pump;
  • Malicious software could be installed on your computer;
  • A thief may pickpocket your phone or wallet;
  • A friend or family member you trust may take your identity;
  • A dumpster diver may go through your trash;
  • A thief could reach out to your bank or other business and pretend to be you;
  • Your data may be sold on the dark web.

Scared yet?

This oh-so-connected world, which provides so many benefits, also makes it easier for crooks to open credit cards and charge items in our name or use our Social Security number to claim tax refunds they don't deserve. Millions of Americans were victims of identity theft last year. How many hours do you think it would take to straighten out such a mess? How long do you think it would take to get your legitimate refund if a thief has already claimed one for you? How would you like to prove to the government and the credit card companies that you truly are you, and that some crook you never met isn't you?

MoneyTips is here to help. Our first wave of members, can get alerted about new lines of credit opening, and have been able to examine their credit reports free of charge to look for suspicious behavior. Now, we offer a plan designed to protect members even more.

Our Premium plan offers everything that our free Essential plan does, plus a whole lot more:

  • Premium Identity Theft Alerts – We will notify you if a new name or alias is associated with your Social Security Number or if someone has directed the Postal Service to send your mail elsewhere without your knowledge.
  • Full-Service Identity Restoration – If your identity is stolen, a US-Based agent will assist you with detailed instructions and follow-up through the process of restoring your identity.
  • $1 Million in Identity Theft Insurance – We will cover the costs associated with identity restoration for up to $1,000,000 with $0 deductible.
  • Lost Wallet Protection and Assistance – We will quickly and effectively close and replace your credit cards and other wallet contents, whether your wallet was lost or stolen.
  • Court Records Monitoring – If someone identifying as you is arrested or wanted for a crime, we'll alert you right away.

While other companies charge twenty dollars or more per month for this level of protection, MoneyTips is charging only $8.95 per month. That's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

For credit monitoring, reports, and scores, plus $1 million identity theft insurance, full-service identity restoration, and Lost Wallet Protection and Assistance, try a free MoneyTips trial.

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