MoneyTips Missing Wallet
Survey Findings

MoneyTips Missing Wallet <br>Survey Findings
March 14, 2019

Click on the links below to read more about each topic. We will keep adding to this page over the next few weeks until we have published all of our research in a series of five articles.

Survey: Nearly 2 In 3 Have Lost Or Had Stolen Their Wallet

More Than 1 In 4 Whose Wallets Vanish Lose Cash, Credit And Debit Cards, And Driver's License

Nearly Half Of Those Who Lose Credit Or Debit Cards Don't Know Any Of Their Card Numbers

45% Of People Who Lose Their Wallets Have To Spend An Entire Day Or More To Undo The Damage

Nearly 1 In 3 Report Criminals Tried To Use Their Lost Credit Cards

44% Of Adults Are Identity Theft Victims

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