MoneyTips Identity Protection
Survey Findings

MoneyTips Identity Protection <br>Survey Findings
February 25, 2019

MoneyTips recently conducted an exclusive survey to discover how Americans feel about the risks of identity theft and the steps necessary to protect our data. "In the identity theft stories I know about, cleaning up the mess is a full-time job that pays $0 and lasts years," says IT professional and identity theft victim Greg Scott. "Victims find themselves guilty until proven innocent.... People who aren't celebrities are typically on their own and up against an entire underground criminal syndicate."

Explore the findings of our exclusive survey below to learn whom Americans trust and just how far we'll go to protect our identities. Click on the links below to read more about each topic. We will keep adding to this page over the next few weeks until we have published all of our research in a series of five articles.

Survey: Americans Trust Trump Over Zuckerberg With Protecting Their Identity

Survey: 9 Of 10 Believe Equifax Should Be Punished

What We Don't Know About Identity Theft CAN Hurt Us

3 Of 4 Americans Know A Victim Of Identity Theft

What Americans Would Do To Protect Our Identities

You can't rely on the government or the credit bureaus or anyone else to protect your identity... or your children's. MoneyTips has fifteen easy steps to help you get started.

Protect your credit – protect your identity – protect yourself with a free MoneyTips trial.

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