Video: Millennials And Retirement

Financial Blogger Linda P. Jones (@LindaPJones) Explains why Millennials have to Approach Retirement Differently in this Exclusive MoneyTips Video

December 23, 2015

Financial Blogger Linda P. Jones sees student loans affecting millennials from graduation through retirement. In this exclusive MoneyTips video, the CEO of Be Wealthy & Smart explains how millennials can overcome the burden of debt.

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Bobbie | 12.23.15 @ 20:02
Daughter is going to be going to college soon and really working with her to not have to take on debt for school, and work with her on her retirement when she starts working.
Sarah | 12.23.15 @ 20:02
very wise woman. good information to pass along to some people I know. thanks!
Erin | 12.23.15 @ 20:02
Student loans can be such a drag when you have just graduated and are trying to get a start on life. Great information, thanks!
Steffanie | 12.23.15 @ 20:02
These tips will be really useful for my adult kids. Thanks!
Meredith L | 12.23.15 @ 20:03
Millennials have a tough time from the get-go. A lot of these actually work for me too (Gen X). I don't want to rely on anyone else for my retirement....but honestly, I hope I just keel over one day and not have to worry about it. And that's how I feel about that!
Daniel | 12.23.15 @ 20:04
So much more than an important topic to stay well informed about
Beverly | 12.23.15 @ 20:05
Great advice for millennials and really everybody. You can't depend on others being able to take care of you or for SS to be there
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