The Millennial Next Door Movement

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The Millennial Next Door Movement
January 15, 2015

Have you read our new eBook, The Millennial Next Door [Revealed]: How To Be Financially Successful in Your 20’s, yet? No? You should; everyone’s talking about it.

From TIME magazine to The Military Guide to Financial Independence& Retirement , people are writing about how Millennials are succeeding despite living through the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression. The free publication takes an in-depth look at the attributes and behaviors of those living comfortably today and shares their formulas for affording the lifestyle you want in the future.

Below you can find some of the online publications that have written about the book. Take a look, and then download your copy today. The publication, filled with actionable tips, is free to MoneyTips members.

After you read it, you’re invited to join the Millennial Next Door Movement and write about it. If you don’t think it can help you achieve financial success, perhaps you can give it to a millennial you know!

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