Military Spending Around The World (Infographic)

USA Wins the Spending War

Military Spending Around The World (Infographic)
May 25, 2017

President Trump announced his budget for America this week, including $639 billion in military spending. How does this compare to other countries and earlier budgets?

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Carla Truett | 05.23.16 @ 23:02
I am very surprised at these numbers. I would never have thought the USA to be the top military spender.
Steffanie | 05.23.16 @ 23:02
We need to spend money for our military. They keep us safe and should be compensated for it. I feel like they should have more money.
Nancy | 05.23.16 @ 23:04
While seeing the actual numbers as I opened it, it really isn't too surprising. We have our fingers in many many pies.
trish | 05.23.16 @ 23:05
I am not completely surprised by this actually. Wish we spent more on the soldiers salaries though
Victor | 05.23.16 @ 23:08
i would have never imagined that so much money is spent in military stuff with this kind of money we would have probably invented time travel
Erin | 05.23.16 @ 23:11
If only that money was being wisely spent to give our troops the beat of everything to keep them safe. Too much of it is going to contractors out to make a buck.
Bev | 05.23.16 @ 23:13
I wish we had more julitary spending. I love this infographics, they are very informative and detailed.
Irene | 05.23.16 @ 23:31
I didn't think some of those countries had that much to spend
Angie | 05.23.16 @ 23:47
We spend SO much more than any other country! I knew it was a lot, but didn't realize how we stacked up worldwide. Eye-opening!
Tina | 05.23.16 @ 23:54
This is amazing to see all put together into one graphic. Really eye-opening. I wish the soldiers and families saw more of this money!
brittany.martinez530 | 05.24.16 @ 00:09
It's rather crazy how much we end up spending on military spending. but for our size and such, population wise, It doesn't really surprise me.
Jo Ann | 05.24.16 @ 00:09
It is really shocking to see how much we spend compared to other countries of the world. It is a shame that these countries can't find something better to do with the money. Perhaps some serious Peacekeeping.
rozcram | 06.06.16 @ 03:33
This is as it should be. Wish we would start building up again.
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