MoneyTips Co-Founder Michael Dubrow on "More Living with Jim Brogan" Radio Show

September 4, 2022

On August 23, 2014 Michael Dubrow was the sole guest on Jim Brogan's weekly radio show "More Living with Jim Brogan." The show is broadcast on WOKI 98.7 NewsTalk Radio in Knoxville, Tennessee and is heard in both Tennessee and North Carolina. It is also broadcast on Internet radio to the world. The topic of the interview was how is contributing to the spread of financial literacy.

Michael Dubrow is a co-Founder of MoneyTips and a principal at Estalea, a private equity firm in southern California. Jim Brogan is the founder of Brogan Financial, a fee-based investment advisory firm and is a past winner of the Investment Advisor of the Year Award presented by Senior Market Magazine.

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