Many Continue To Rent Despite Favorable Interest Rates

Renting in certain cities more affordable than paying a monthly mortgage

Many Continue To Rent Despite Favorable Interest Rates
September 20, 2016

With interest rates lower than they have been for years, many people still find that renting is more budget-friendly than a monthly mortgage payment. This is not true in all parts of the U.S., but a study by Robert W. Baird & Co. shows that living in one of the biggest housing markets in the country is often more expensive.

The study looked at 28 different cities, and found that U.S. homeowners in 24 of the cities paid more than those who rent. On average, homeowners paid 28% more in mortgage payments than renters did in monthly rent.

The study looked at properties with ratings of four or five stars to keep variables to a minimum. The study also made some assumptions, such as that all mortgages were 30-year fixed loans, that all homeowners made a down payment of 15%, and that all mortgages included private mortgage insurance, homeowners’ insurance, and taxes.

Of the 28 different markets examined, it was more affordable to own than to rent in Baltimore, Maryland, Tampa, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, and Norfolk/Richmond, Virginia. Of the remaining 24 cities, 15 showed a 20% or higher difference in the cost of renting versus the cost of owning.

These differences were due to factors such as the increase in housing prices and the fact that there are few houses on the market in many of these areas.

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