Making It In The Manufacturing Industry

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Making It In The Manufacturing Industry
January 11, 2016

With all the reports of U.S. factories closing and jobs moving overseas, would you be surprised to learn that the manufacturing industry still contributes over 12% to our annual GDP? Our new infographic breaks down the multi-trillion-dollar industry.

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Erin | 01.11.16 @ 20:02
That is an interesting infographic. It looks like businesses are still making a pretty nice profit despite the expenses they have.
Brittany | 01.11.16 @ 20:03
This was a very interesting topic, especially the part about the female workers. That's awesome.
Carla | 01.11.16 @ 20:03
Wow! Thats a lot of money. I'm surprised that female employees are at that low of a percentage.
Kailie | 01.11.16 @ 20:05
I didn't know that there was such a great amount of workers or money in the manufacturing industry. This was interesting.
Elaine | 01.11.16 @ 20:06
That is a lot to take in but glad to see they are still able to make a profit.
Nancy | 01.11.16 @ 20:09
It's good to see that there is still manufacturing happening in the US. I found the numbers about females especially interesting.
Sara | 01.11.16 @ 20:09
Having a husband in the manufacturing industry (ammo) working on a machine its really weird to see these numbers. That is quite a bit of money.
steven | 01.11.16 @ 20:11
Those are some interesting numbers. Interesting to see it from this point of view (I work in an ammo factory).
irene | 01.11.16 @ 20:11
My son works in manufacturing and it seems like there are far less jobs available than there used to be.
Alec | 01.11.16 @ 20:13
I didn't realize how much manufacturing still contributed to our economy, nor how much of the workforce was female! I honestly thought it was lower. It would be awesome if more females were able to do the job since manufacturing pays well. It's nice to see it all laid out in pictures though.
Steffanie | 01.11.16 @ 20:14
Very interesting topic and they are making sime nice profits
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