Are you ready to Live Richer in 2016?

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Are you ready to Live Richer in 2016?
December 16, 2015

It’s said that the best things in life are free. Not only is the Live Richer Challenge (LRC) free, but it will help you pay for everything else! This 22-day challenge will equip thousands of women to achieve the goals of developing a savings mindset, creating a strategy to accomplish savings goals, increasing earnings, giving back, and using finances as a tool to live in abundance.

Best-selling author and financial empowerment teacher Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche saw the need for women to feel in control of their finances after receiving nationwide requests for personal financial advice. In the video below, Tiffany describes last year’s Live Richer Challenge. Many women don't know where to start when it comes to their finances, but the LRC will give them an action plan that Aliche calls "a concrete step forward". Taking advantage of the motivated outlook that comes with making New Year's Resolutions, the LRC will start in January 2016. Every day the participants will be given a fresh task that will bring them one step closer to accomplishing their weekly goal.

There is no need to wait for the New Year, however. In the countdown to the LRC, the Budgetnista is offering free tips and online resources to help the participants prepare. Women have the opportunity to form LRC "Sisterhoods", or teams of accountability partners, to encourage each other. Throughout the challenge, support will be given via email, social media, the Budgetnista blog, a forum, and an app. If you would like to take part in the challenge, visit to register.

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Jenna | 01.07.15 @ 20:40
I'm participating in the #LiveRicherChallenge and love it. Today's task (Day 3 of Adopting A Money Mindset): Buy only what's necessary. Simple, inspiring, doable, with ample support and accountability partners all around
Steffanie | 12.16.15 @ 21:01
This looks like an interesting read. I will definitely be checking into it. Thanks!
Britt | 12.16.15 @ 21:01
Oh gosh, I am. I am already planning what to do differently this year. I have a plan.
Erin | 12.16.15 @ 21:01
This is a great idea. I like having groups for support and encouragement to reach your goals.
Daniel | 12.16.15 @ 21:01
Always looking for new tips and ideas, we all can use the advice
Kyle | 12.16.15 @ 21:02
I plan on doing a lot of things differently this next year and I honestly cannot wait.
Carla | 12.16.15 @ 21:02
I am interested in learning more about this #LiveRicherChallenge. It is very interesting.
Sarah | 12.16.15 @ 21:02
Very wise woman. Lots of good advice from her. she's a keeper!
Kailie | 12.16.15 @ 21:03
I am really hoping that 2016 is a lot different. I am making plans to start things off differently, getting a savings established and everything will be better overall. I'm excited.
Chrisitna | 12.16.15 @ 21:04
I'm ready! What a great opportunity to make some much-needed changes, and get support along the way :).
Elaine | 12.16.15 @ 21:04
Looking for to the many blessings of the new year. This looks like a very interesting read.
trish | 12.16.15 @ 21:06
This was made for me! I am definitely going to participate! Thank you!!
Beverly | 12.16.15 @ 21:07
What a great idea and a big help. A lot of people could benefit from this challenge
Amanda | 12.16.15 @ 21:08
I like the idea of this I will be looking into it more.
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