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Recently answered questions

Asked by Brian
Answered by Chad Freeman PRO+
Branch Manager in Bethesda, MD
Hello Brian: There are a multitude of loan programs that require credit scores that are across the spectrum. The most efficient way to approach purchasing a hom...
Asked by Cfeeney52
Answered by Greg Fischer
Mortgage Professional in Manchester, NH
You will save on interest. Yes, your loan is paid off in half the time - but you can also pay off a 30-year loan in 15 years if you made additional principal payme...
Asked by stevenjsexton10955
Answered by Michael Zaino
President & CEO, TZG Financial in Charlotte, NC
If I were in your shoes, I'd have to look at it in these terms... If you wait and pay all of your bills first and then see if there is anything left over to save or...
Asked by Katie
Answered by Elizabeth Beagle
Insurance Agent in Burbank, CA
Some agents would state you need 12 to 14 percent of your annual earnings in life insurance. I believe there are more practical ways of determining the right amount of...
Asked by sdanny578
Answered by Dave Bradley
Investment Manager (Financial Advisor) in North Charleston, SC
Is the home for yourself? Some things to consider: 1. Contact your local public housing agency (PHA) and ask about HUD's Homeownership Voucher program. An offshoot...