Labor Day Statistics (2015 Infographic)

The Latest Employment and Retirement Numbers

Labor Day Statistics (2015 Infographic)
August 31, 2022

If you have a job, don’t wait until Thanksgiving to count your blessings. With our current economic conditions, be glad that you have employment this Labor Day. Check out our infographic to see the latest labor statistics. Happy Labor Day!

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Sarah | 08.31.15 @ 15:11
This is a great infographic on jobs and employment rates in the US. It's very interesting to see the breakdowns.
Wanda Langley | 08.31.15 @ 15:24
It is great news when the unemployment rate goes down!
Sara | 08.31.15 @ 15:31
Hmm it is nice to see that unemployment rates seem to be going down as a whole. However, I still know plenty who are unemployed and cannot find jobs at all. So while this is a nice breakdown it is not as noticeable of every little town.
Debbie | 08.31.15 @ 15:58
I don't see these numbers in my town. So many unemployed people still. So many families losing their homes in our neighborhood. My fiance was laid off from ITT when they didn't get the government contract they needed and was unemployed for three years, he had to learn a new trade at the age of 45 and start driving a truck long haul. No one wanted to hire him at his age back into the same field.
Chelsey | 08.31.15 @ 18:07
I love seeing things like this that break everything down in easy to see numbers.
Crystal | 08.31.15 @ 18:22
Very interesting!
Donnie | 08.31.15 @ 20:01
I like to see the unemployment go down
Alec | 09.02.15 @ 14:32
I'm happy to see unemployment down, but it makes me fear for my future seeing how many people feel they can't retire and how many still work after they do!
Jill | 09.03.15 @ 18:02
I am pretty sure I will never get to retire...I am in the 12%!
Casey | 09.04.15 @ 02:49
I like seeing the actual breakdown of the economy and the information on jobs and employment.
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