Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Their Net Worth

Just How Rich are the Kardashians?

Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Their Net Worth
October 17, 2017

The Kardashians have been flaunting their wealth for a decade on their reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but just how rich are they? How did they acquire their wealth? It's not just TV money; the Kardashians have cashed in on everything from a sex tape to a kids clothing line.

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner, the mother of the four famous Kardashian siblings, has an estimated net worth of approximately $80 million. She was married to the late Robert Kardashian, one of the defense team for the O.J. Simpson murder trial. She reportedly took no money from the attorney in their divorce so she could quickly marry athlete Bruce Jenner. Not only did she manage Bruce's career as a motivational speaker, the pair even made a tape together. No, not a sex tape; a workout video.

The couple had two girls together, Kendall and Kylie, and Kris pitched the idea of a reality show about her half-dozen kids to Ryan Seacrest. (Bruce had four other children from previous marriages.) That may have been the first time she acted as manager for her offspring, but it certainly wasn't the last. She has handled many of the family's lucrative business and endorsement deals, as well as executive producing KUWTK. No wonder she has tried to trademark the word "momager."

Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner, who has a current estimated net worth of $100 million, was formerly Kris Jenner's husband and formerly a man. As Bruce Jenner, he rose to fame by winning a gold medal in the Decathlon in the 1976 Olympics. With the ensuing publicity, he earned money from advertising and appeared on many TV shows before Keeping Up with the Kardashians, even competing on Celebrity Challenge of the Sexes 2. Bruce underwent a gender transition in 2015 and is now a woman named Caitlyn. She had her own TV series, I am Cait, which ran for two seasons, and earned a $4 million advance on her memoir.

Kim Kardashian (West)

Kim Kardashian rose to fame in a rather embarrassing way, but her net worth is sky high, estimated north (get it?) of $350 million. Somehow, her sex tape with singer Ray J was sold to and released by Vivid Entertainment in 2007; she later sued the company and settled for a reported five million dollars. A few months after the X-rated publicity came the premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which is now entering its fifteenth season. Is it a coincidence that Kim once worked for Paris Hilton, who also had a sex tape that helped turn her into a reality TV star?

Kim has appeared on many other reality TV shows including Dancing with the Stars, Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. Her second marriage, to basketball player Kris Humphries, was the subject of the highly rated, two-part special Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event. 72 days after the wedding, which reportedly netted her $18 million in licensing fees, endorsement and broadcast deals, she filed for divorce. She is currently married to rapper Kanye West, who has quite a fortune of his own.

Kim can command six figures just for making an appearance. She has enjoyed many endorsement deals, from Carl's Jr. to weight-loss pills, Charmin public restrooms, $25 lollipops, and even Midori liqueur despite the fact she says she doesn't drink. (Ironically, she still had to step down from the gig when she got pregnant.) The mom works in fashion, fragrance, makeup and retail, and owns a fashion boutique with her sisters. A most modern, multimedia and social media celebrity, she has even cashed in on a branded set of emojis ("Kimojis") and a book of selfies entitled Selfish. Her hit video game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, has been downloaded over 60 million times and generated a reported $200 million in revenue. She also launched her KKW beauty line in June 2017.

Khloé Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian is worth approximately forty million dollars. Like her sisters, she rose to fame on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but has since launched into several other ventures. She was married to ex-NBA player Lamar Odom, and had a reality TV show with him. The couple divorced in 2016.

In 2006, Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney opened a fashion boutique, DASH, which at one time had three brick-and-mortar locations in addition to the online store. It's part of their last name, but DASH also rhymes with CASH. It seems not enough cash was coming in, though, as the brand recently closed its Los Angeles outlet, with the Miami and online stores slated to close at the end of Summer 2018.

DASH Dolls, a short-lived reality show on the E! Network, focused on the young ladies who worked at the stores. Khloé made guest appearances, but the family is so popular, they don't even have to star in their own spinoffs anymore! One reviewer felt that with DASH Dolls, "the franchise may have at last hit bottom," but the Kardashians are known for their bottoms.

Khloé is staying in the fashion game with her denim brand, Good American, which saw sales of over $1 million on its very first day of opening in 2016.

Khloé also hosted the now-cancelled Kocktails With Khloé, which the New York Daily News dubbed "komplete krap." Her latest TV series is a makeover show titled Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian, which has completed its second season.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney may be the oldest, but she lags behind her sisters in the net worth department, with roughly thirty-five million dollars to her name. Before rising to fame and birthing her son on the family's TV show, Kourtney appeared on a less-successful reality show: Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive. Besides her hit shows, she also "acted" as an attorney on the soap One Life to Live.

With her mom, she opened a children's boutique called Smooch, but it closed after six years. Kourtney has taken part in joint efforts with her sisters, including books (Kardashian Konfidential), clothing lines (Kardashian Kollection), jewelry and skincare lines, and ad campaigns. With millions of followers, she reportedly earns $250,000 per Instagram post.

Rob Kardashian

Although brother Rob Kardashian's net worth, estimated at about $10 million, pales in comparison with Kim's, he does have bragging rights in the dancing department. When he competed on Dancing with the Stars, he finished second, while his sister could only manage seventh place.

Rob graduated from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business in 2009 and has had several business ventures including starting his own line of socks. Some Arthur George socks sell for $30 a pair, but the ones that feature F-bombs are "only" $15 a pair. With Blac Chyna, he produced a daughter, one season of spin-off series Rob & Chyna, and lots of off-camera drama. Rob pays his ex $20,000 a month in child support, but the model and the Kardashian klan are suing each other. Stay tuned.

Kendall Jenner

Kris and Bruce Jenner's first daughter, Kendall, is worth approximately $30 million. Currently one of the highest-paid models in the world, earning $22 million between June 2017 and June 2018, she represents brands such as Chanel and Vera Wang on the catwalk, and has inked large endorsement deals with the likes of Calvin Klein and Estée Lauder. Not everything she touches turns to gold, however. Among her marketing missteps were her Pepsi commercial in which she seemed to solve race relations with a can of soda, and $125 T-shirts which featured her and sister Kylie's faces over legends such as Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. Adding insult to injury, they never asked permission to use the musicians' images, and had to pull the line. Sad!

Kylie Jenner

The youngest of the JenKardashians has an estimated $300 million net worth (although some estimates are much higher) thanks to her popular lip and eye products sold by Kylie Cosmetics. (What, not Kosmetics?) The company, of which Kylie is sole owner, has reportedly made $630 million in sales since its 2015 inception. She started on KUWTK at age 10, and currently stars in her own spinoff, Life of Kylie. Along with big sister Kendall, she has designed clothing, jewelry, shoes and handbags with world-famous partners. Solo, she designed hair extensions under the name Kylie Hair Kouture. She also models and has several endorsement deals, including one with PUMA.

2017 brought a renewal of the hit series, reportedly 5 seasons for $150 million. Thanks to advice from matriarch Kris, the Kardashians diversify their income streams through a number of reality shows and, more importantly, across different industries. We could all learn from the first family of reality TV in that respect as we aim to grow our own wealth. With Kim, Khloé, and Kylie's newborns making three new additions to the family already in 2018, it will be even harder in the future Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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Bill | 07.26.15 @ 15:21
Can you please tell me what any of them have done to be worth anything ?
Efrain Dieppa | 07.30.15 @ 19:05
Bruce Jenner did not undergo gender transition and is not a woman. Jenner may have had surgery on his face and maybe breast implants but kept all his male genitalia, making him just a man dressed as a woman.
Christopher | 08.05.15 @ 14:20
They only exist because of the morons who throw money at them. I don't blame them for cashing in on the stupidity of the American public. A moron and their money are soon parted, should be the theme of the K-clan.
ella | 08.05.15 @ 17:30
instead of being hateful and judgmental try to make your lives better. there is no need to hate people who are successful and rich. everyone has their own destiny and there is a reason that they are successful and wealthy. so instead of being jealous and hateful try to make the best of what you have and improve your lives. the more you hate the more problems you create for yourselves.
Igor von Wurttemburg | 08.06.15 @ 00:30
That makes Caitlyn the most eligible of them all..I am gonna send her a proposal.. Love Igor
JAMES | 08.07.15 @ 16:48
They are not worth a dime in my book!
Gale | 08.08.15 @ 14:36
Rich does not equal good. Rich does not equal moral. Rich does not equal useful.
Carolyn | 08.08.15 @ 17:09
As long as people keep watching their reality shows they will continue to grow their wealth. This mentality is contributing to the dumbing down of America. People need to concentrate on improving their own lives and not some TV personalities.
memory | 08.10.15 @ 14:19
Kris Jenner is one rough homely looking broad.
memory | 08.10.15 @ 14:20
Pebbles | 08.11.15 @ 14:35
Hate is a strong word, so lets not say that. Don't hate them because they are beautiful people. Everyone has a gift, some of us just don't know what it is. Keeping praying and searching and you too will seek wealth.
Greg | 08.12.15 @ 13:08
Classless, vulgar and uneducated...they empitomize the US in the 21st century...very sad.
Jose | 08.12.15 @ 15:38
Lots of money but no moral values
Chad | 08.12.15 @ 19:12
You're right Jay, Let's treat them the same way. Enron's CEO is in a minimum security federal prison at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery AL. I'm sure he's looking for a bunkmate. . I don't give a damn who she dates or has sex with. The reason for their worldwide hatred is because of how they made money off the back of Kim, who made millions off a company for releasing her sex tape, from a scheme she learned from Paris Hilton. You really need to wise up
Jackie | 08.12.15 @ 22:36
Vulgar criticism never helped anyone. If you don't like the way they think and behave, then put them on your prayer list and spend some time asking God to change them.
sam | 08.13.15 @ 05:16
A true bunch of sicko's, only a fool would watch these whores!
Mary Moore | 08.13.15 @ 17:26
Funny before their hit reality show, they were just like everyone else living in a modest if anything house. I think they had financial issues before hitting it big too. Lucky people!
Robert | 08.14.15 @ 15:21
They are brilliant self promoters and entrepreneurs; I'm envious.
Boog | 08.18.15 @ 18:17
Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. It seems like we as a society thrive on it. I wonder what life would look like without it? Maybe a lot of laughing and smiling and longer life. Who knows. I am just saying that I myself am really trying to make a change for the good. Just something to think about. :))))
Vaughn | 08.19.15 @ 04:58
roy | 08.20.15 @ 16:11
All these people are full of envy because these women did something with their looks.
Lisa | 08.20.15 @ 16:26
So every one got money good for them- some of us are less fortunate like myself being disabled but I don't look for handouts like most do. I could never be able to afford a 30.00 pair of sock 30.00 to me is 3 tops. There blessed with the looks and bodies to make it. kudos to them.... I wish I had even a million not even for me just to put away for my son so when im gone I wont have to worry about him. Only way I will every get that kind of money is if I hit the lottery. Im sorry Jacob I only have love for you....
Chipper | 08.23.15 @ 13:35
Encouraging for the rest of the planet. They're living proof that , with the exception of Bruce Jenner, you can be talentless, unintelligent, boring and aloof and make millions! Only in America!
Cyndi Crum | 08.23.15 @ 22:35
Never ceases to amaze me how petty and ugly people can be and all from jealousy, jealousy pure and simple. I haven't a dime to my name, in a wheel chair, living with constant pain, horrible pain, medical bills and other issues lost us our home and if I can be happy for people and respect their drive and the intelligence it took for them to come as far as they have and did so w/o hurting anyone else and having to deal with such hate on a daily basis from ignorant jealous people then you can too. I realize it makes you feel better about yourselves to knock others down but try, just try to improve your own life no matter how hard it is, be happy that you're alive and have the chance to make something of yourself too. Even if it doesn't happen you can respect yourself for trying. Lose the bitterness and try a little kindness.
Julia | 08.29.15 @ 10:44
It's easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man/woman to enter the kingdom of God ... Greed ...
Julia | 08.29.15 @ 10:47
With enough money and surgeries anyone can look like a million bucks, but, that doesn't change the character of the person
Erin | 08.31.15 @ 00:58
I don't see that they are much different than most of the actors and musicians who make obscene amounts of money for doing very little. I don't understand all,the hate. I also don't understand why young people (and old) worship celebrities. People who buy houses that cost 20 million dollars and carry purses that cost $5000 don't give a d--- about you and me. They only care about what you spend on their products.
Suze | 08.31.15 @ 02:19
Erin...the point is that most actors are talented....the K Klan isn't. ( Well maybe Bruce might be talented...but I agree with the person that wrote the comment about letting someone piss on you. You honestly can't think too much of yourself if you let ANYONE ( black or white ) do that to you. I mainly don't see the attraction everyone has for this weird family. Shame on Ryan Seacrest for helping to make this family a household name. Sure glad my kids are all grown up....I wouldn't know how to answer the questions young kids would have today about this family........From the men the women in this family choses ( I think it's for shock value....that or Kris K wasn't much of a mother ) to Bruce Jenner and his antics. Anything to get a buck in their pocket......and no I am not jealous.......I donate to charities and I am not worth much in the dollar dept....but I am worth a lot as far as having morals and values....which my children have as well.
TH | 08.31.15 @ 16:21
This family collectively and their producer Ryan Seacrest who makes even more money poisons society and lowers our IQ by half. Ditch them, boycott them, whatever you do is welcome. Just do it.
Deborah | 08.31.15 @ 16:26
If you don't like their wealth and you think they are horrible and you think you could do it better, let's see you do it! Bet ya can't! Jealousy is all this is! And NO to the ones that think this family should feed others families. Get a job and feed your own damn families!
Barbara | 09.02.15 @ 11:07
Try helping the poor in this country. So sick of them and Kris Jenner...All they care about is money!!!!
David | 09.04.15 @ 18:25
I don't know why everyone hates all of the Karjennergashians, I think that mom Kris is so beautiful along with her daughters and I think that all should be in the Hollywood walk of fame. Kim was so gorgeous in her sex tape and I like to watch it every night so that I can just see and admire her. Her husband KW is such a wonderful rapper and I could just listen to him sing all day long and I think that Bruce will be such a lovely woman after all is said and done. Do what Doctor? Yes I have had all my shock treatments today and I am going to take all 100 of my pills right now. I have to get ready pretty soon because I have a luncheon date with Elvis and Marylyn Monroe. While I am gone, I would like to have my room cleaned and my bed made with silk sheets. I also want a T-bone steak this evening cooked medium rare. You better answer the phone doctor, cant you hear it ringing??
Lindsey Silberman | 09.07.15 @ 01:51
If you don't care for the family and their wealth, why bother reading the article and then posting nasty comments about them. How about just not reading the darn article and then not disgracing yourself with horrible comments that mean nothing.
Mark | 09.07.15 @ 20:19
All of you jealous haters... how can you be so mad and so hateful towards someone who doesn't even know that you exist? When you all drop dead of a heart attack from being severely obese, NONE of the Kardashians will even know or care... I don't know them, but apparently they are a very very smart family, and they have tons of class.
cher | 09.07.15 @ 20:39
The Karjennerashians are a soft porn family; I can only hope that sweet, lil North West will grow up somehow different from that clan; I am getting so pukeingly sick of Kylie desperately trying to mimick or even outdo her older busty, buttsy sisters! looks like she won't be denied her share of shamedom! There's hope in her sister, Kendall.
Jen | 09.08.15 @ 18:36
If all of you who are posting negative things about the Kardashians and Jenners hate them so much, then WHY are you reading articles like this one about them? Looking for hints?
Michelle | 09.10.15 @ 01:04
I watched one episode of the Kardashian's and became sick to my stomach watching a scantily dressed mother, with ulterior motives talk her daughter into posing for playboy in front of Hugh Hefner. As a mother of four children, my duty is to be responsible, teach them correct principles, protect them, respect them , keep them safe, and love them. This woman showed no responsibility, or protection, she did not respect her daughter, and then proceeded to capitalize, and demoralized her daughter on tv. This woman is a glorified madam using her own children to profit off one of the oldest profession in history.
Petey | 09.12.15 @ 01:59
I don't get why everybody trashes the Kardashians, momma Kris in particular. I've seen the show and they are all intelligent girls. While I'm not a fan of either Kardashian and will NEVER understand why they are famous, it's not like they're some kind of criminal organization. They don't deserve all the shade that gets thrown their way. Seeing what Kris' "momaging" has done for the financial success of her kids, she can "momage" the HELL out of me. I have a MBA in Marketing and 14 years of experience in my field...yet I don't have HALF as much money as the "brokest" Kardashian. Y'all need to quit hatin' and leave those people alone. If you don't like them, change the channel.
Leslie | 09.17.15 @ 03:09
They are hated because they represent the rude, crude sense of entitlement that encompasses much of the young people today. The fact that they have no talent yet somehow have managed to amass fortunes speaks more about society than about them. If we all ignored them, perhaps they would go away.
Krestyn Blair | 09.17.15 @ 03:57
What's funny is all you people here saying you hate them, how terrible and slutty they are, are all still here, reading an article about them. Why even read the article in the first place if you hate them?? I don't get it...must be some self mutilation thing...but what a waste of your life! Why not read something you like or enjoy reading about?! They found a way to make money and be successful and everyone else can do the same thing! But you can't sit on your ass complaining and expect shit to happen or get handed to you. So, get up off your ass and make yourself successful by WORKING HARD YOURSELF!!
Robertajo | 09.17.15 @ 10:59
Yes, they have money. Yes, they have fame. But let's not forget the single most important contribution they have made to the world. They - single-handedly - made having a huge butt not only acceptable - but "sexy"
Stacey | 09.18.15 @ 01:03
Sweedman I love to read everyones comments. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I get suckered into watching their show now and then, but it doesn't effect my life., as long as I am ok with me myself and I . They aren't hurting anyone. Eventually the train has to come to a stop sometime!
Jack | 10.04.15 @ 17:58
The media wants us all to love these roaches!
Tony | 10.13.15 @ 21:51
How do we know for sure all the millions as advertised is true! I will only believe it if a CPA or banks will certify what they claimed to have- but I think the truth to the matter , it is way exaggerated & bloated up to keep up with the Hollywood ballyhoo! Their agents/PR started it all so it will help boost up their fees! I can also say I am richer than Bill Gates!
marie | 10.14.15 @ 21:07
Hey, lets face it, when you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth from day 1 you are bound to keep it, what I think is disgraceful is the mother telling Kim to do a sex tape I mean really , but always what comes around goes around, and now Kris Jenner is heartbroken cause her man turned into a woman .... Play with fire and you get burnt.
indianacommenting | 10.14.15 @ 22:11
I think Kim made her money by counseling everyone's (her family) marriages, and mistakes. You would think hers is perfect and she is controlled more than any of them
BECCA | 10.15.15 @ 13:51
anna gibson | 10.19.15 @ 15:05
They have earned their money, might not be in the way you may have liked but they do all work. Why are they whores, because one had a sex tape many moons ago? Kourtney and Kim both have children with the same father. Why are they any more whorish than half the celebrities who have kids with multiple fathers. Stop your jealousy. They are a loving close knit family no matter what you think.
Adrienne Dailey | 10.20.15 @ 09:12
As it is said money is the root of evil, if they can make it whatever the reason and how go for it. One day I would like to have no more money issues after graduating from school.
Joie | 10.20.15 @ 17:17
"giggles" So much energy spent on hating these girls. Who really cares what they do. In the end they have each other and $$$... Despite what people think, they also have SOME brains if they were successful in capitalizing on their lives for the past 10+ years. People don't understand, that while the Kardashians enjoy their lavish vacations, over the top celebrations, champagne bottles, glam squads etc. they will live in a studio apartment, drinking cheap IPA's and restarting their failing internet modem just so she can post about the Kardashians.
Teesa | 10.21.15 @ 14:20
Whatever they are, They rich. And I aint mad at em. IJS
nancy | 10.22.15 @ 03:31
watched 10 minutes of one of their shows a few years ago, when I was cleaning, and forgot to set the TV for the next channel. Thought it was absolutely without any merit, and haven't watched it again. If others did the same, they would be gone. I don't 'knock' people who DO watch them. each to their own, but I fail to see the attraction.
Beth | 10.22.15 @ 18:11
Ugly and mean comments from the jealous nobodies. Hey people have a life don't be jealous of somebodies lucks and fortunes. Work hard like they do to improve your life and stop being mean and jealous to people you don't know with good fortune. .Have a life and good fortune mean ,nasty, jealous ugly people.
Joe | 10.23.15 @ 13:17
all the money in the world doesn't buy happiness or class -- or in Bruce's case -- a REAL sex change -- They are all so very gross. . .
Betty | 10.28.15 @ 04:13
They are just very trashy
lee | 11.01.15 @ 20:18
Remember all Beauty fades! While they have had a longer run than most reality shows, this too shall pass. The next thing you know they will all end up looking like Donatella Versachi and we will see them on Botched, or they will make more money suing their plastic surgeons. I can see Kris now with a cat face you know it will come. Let us all be thankful there are only 2 new female Kardashian offspring and not 10.
Audrey | 11.10.15 @ 21:44
They laughing all the way to the bank while we hating.
$commenter.renderDisplayableName() | 11.27.20 @ 17:16