Jill Stein Outlines Her Student Loan Debt Plan

The Green Party presidential candidate pledges to end student loan debt if elected

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Jill Stein Outlines Her Student Loan Debt Plan
September 23, 2022

Dr. Jill Stein addressed a group of supporters on Thursday, at Center Connecticut State University. One of the main talking points was her plan to deal with student loan debt. The Green Party candidate's position is different from those put forth by the two major party candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and fellow minor party candidate, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party.

Dr. Stein called student loans 'predatory' and said that it was not acceptable for many young people to be trapped in large amounts of debt just because they wanted an education. By announcing her plan to end student loan debt completely, Stein hopes to attract more of the millennial generation's votes.

The idea of forgiving all current student loan debt is not without its cost. Stein points out that it would cost the same amount as the debt owed, which is currently about $1.3 trillion. She has a solution to this cost and proposes that all Wall Street financial transactions be subject to a 0.5% tax. She also spoke about perspective and how the $1.3 trillion is a small amount compared to the $16 trillion the federal government spent to bail out several financial institutions during the recession of 2008.

Stein's appeal to young voters has garnered her many supporters among millennials. According to polls, though, she still trails Clinton, Trump, and Johnson by a significant margin.

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