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Is there any reason not to combine a Roth to which you contributed and a Roth set up with money converted from an IRA?

The original Roth was established over 5 years ago.

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June 15, 2015

Call me to discuss, My number is in my profile.

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June 17, 2015

The converted dollars will have their own 5 year requirement and can be recharacterized.. These items can be handled administratively within one account, though the administration is more obvious if the accounts are separate. I generally keep the accounts separate, at least until the opportunity to recharacterize expires.

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July 08, 2015

You shouldn't really combine different IRA's that you have established. The more important question is: Where are my funds invested and is it a correct strategy for me?" The best thing you can do for yourself is consult with a financial professional who can give you information and understand your situation so that you can make informed decisions that are best for you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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April 11, 2016


The main downside to combining an existing ROTH with funds from a ROTH set up with converted funds is TIME. Can you wait 5 years as you did with the previous ROTH? If not, either do not convert the funds to a ROTH or draw down only the funds from the ROTH which is over 5 yrs. Keep in mind that both of these ROTH '(previous and new) accounts are subject to eligibility rules.

Another question for you is what is your MARR- Minimum Acceptable Rate of Return? Are you getting this with your ROTH? We can customize something for you. We love the self-directed ROTH. You can also do this with a traditional IRA. The main benefit is a higher ROI. Our focus is low risk and high ROI.

Contact us directly to discuss your situation in greater detail or for more information. We offer several educational seminars, etc. designed to get you where you need to be and keep you there. No obligation.

It's not what you make, It's what you keep that determines your lifestyle

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