Asked by Daniel  |  Submitted November 06, 2015

Is it better to shop for mortgages at any particular time of year?

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November 06, 2015

No, rates / pricing doesn't vary seasonally, so checking any time is as good as any other time :) A simple tip is that if there is a lot of good economic and global news happening - rates likely to increase and vice versa. Hope this helps

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November 10, 2015

Not really. If you're refinancing you have the luxury to get an application set up, perhaps even do an appraisal and be positioned to jump on a rate on a good day.

When you're buying a home, your contract deadlines constrain your timing so you're a bit more at the mercy of the market.

In either case, your lender's job is to watch the economic news and make their best guess as to rate movement / timing. That said, they're not market makers and there is a long list of things that move rates, including irrational market sentiment.

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