Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Phillip Christenson
CFA in Plymouth, MN
You can have both but you can only contribute a maximum of $5,500 (2015) in total to all of your IRAs. This means you could do $2,000 to a Traditional and $3,500 to yo...
Asked by Ron
Answered by Gregg Himfar
Financial Adviser in Carlsbad, CA
You'll certainly have a tough time retiring on 4% with a 25 year time frame. Why? Your real rate of return is closer to 2.5% after you factor in inflation. With suc...


Asked by Crystal
Answered by Charlie Donaldson
MBA in Newark, DE
Crystal, great question. If you left the employer, you would just need to transfer the money into a traditional IRA that would accept new contributions. If your new ...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Steve Stanganelli
CFP®, CRPC® in Amesbury, MA
Because you have a whole lot of moving pieces, I strongly suggest that you consider consulting with a planner, preferably a fiduciary like a CFP(r) professional and so...
Asked by Kamie
Answered by John Cole
Insurance Agent in Indian Trail, NC
Why settle for a 6% return when you can get a 400% return ?
Asked by Sarah
Answered by Paul Carag
Financial Adviser in Renton, WA
Hi Sarah, I'd want to know what age you are and what your retirement goals are in order to give you better advice but I can share some examples with you first that...
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