Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Sheena Hogue, Insurance Agent in Chicago, IL
Hi, Whenever you withdraw funds from pre taxed accounts ie. Traditional IRA, 401(k), 457(b), or 403(b) you have to pay taxes. Your tax rate depends on your taxable...
Asked by Ms MM Davis
Answered by Kim Miller, CFP®PRO+ in Redmond, WA
Hi - First off, you don't want to borrow money to pay your taxes. - that is a near sure road to an unhappy outcome. Secondly, you cannot borrow against (use as collat...


Asked by Justin
Answered by Paul Carag, Financial Adviser in Renton, WA
Justin - before I can advise you properly, I need to find out what you mean by 'owe a large amount to my SEP'. Are you referring to contributions for this year or di...
Asked by Henry
Answered by John Cole, Insurance Agent in Indian Trail, NC
I like annuities and life insurance. 401k's and IRA's can be a good investment but to be honest there's too many hidden fees in those products. In today's economy in r...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Viviana Bigolin, Financial Adviser in Alta Loma, CA
Call me to discuss, My number is in my profile.
Asked by Angie
Answered by Pamela J. Horack, , CFP®PRO+ in Lake Wylie, SC
Hi Angie! While I'm not exactly sure of the employer's intent based on your description, it sounds like he may have contributed to a SEP IRA for employees. This is a t...
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