Investors Want To Retire Earlier, But Lack Financial Plans (Infographic)

Natixis Global Survey reveals how Investor Optimism may result in Unrealistic Expectations

Investors Want To Retire Earlier, But Lack Financial Plans (Infographic)
March 31, 2016 How confident do you feel investing in the current climate? What are your main investing goals this year? Check out our infographic above to see how your investing choices and concerns compare with those of the 7,000 investors recently surveyed around the world. Our earlier infographic reveals what financial advisors say are your biggest investment mistakes.
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Carla | 04.01.16 @ 14:42
I'm in the group that is struggling to make financial decisions due to the shape of the economy. It is terrifying to us.
STOKES | 04.01.16 @ 14:44
I started investing for retirement early in my life, but I haven't kept up with it. This has made it obvious I need to get to work.
Jonathan | 04.01.16 @ 14:44
Like everything else, people want something with out any work.
Chrisitna | 04.01.16 @ 14:44
I honestly don't expect to be able to retire at a "normal" age. Some bad decisions from a previous marriage have made that impossible. And with the state of the economy now, I can't see anything changing to make retirement possible. I'm fortunate to work from home, so there are fewer limitations to continuing to work.
trish | 04.01.16 @ 14:46
We totally do not feel comfortable with the way the economy is as far as making investing decisions. This graphic helps a lot
Erin | 04.01.16 @ 14:48
I'm surprised my generation's expectations and actual age to retire are so close. I know we've had a leg up, so to speak, on the older generations, but it's still surprising. Lots of interesting information to digest in this graphic. Thanks!
Jo Ann | 04.01.16 @ 14:51
I wish when I was young I had gotten sound investment advice. People really need to plan for their future. My mother always said pay yourself first. for retirement. I should have listened.
Sarah | 04.01.16 @ 14:51
that ole lack of planning... I think it may be more lack of funds that hinders most but I could be wrong.
Heather | 04.01.16 @ 14:53
Reading through this I can relate to some of my concerns about investing. In actually surprised my generation isn't expecting to retire later then 63. I would love to retire by then but I'm not expecting to.
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