Asked by STOKES
Answered by Matthew Hutton
CFP, MBA-FP in Westlake Village, CA
Mr. Stokes, Your questions was whether you should purchase a long term care insurance policy or not, and if so when. Unfortunately the answer is not a cut and dry, ...
Asked by Bobbie
Answered by Bill Hagerty
CLU® ChFC® in Roseville, CA
It's a great idea to get the facts before you have a need which could affect retirement. I am in Roseville, Ca. Feel free to contact my office if you would like to r...
Asked by Apryl
Answered by Daniel
It may be best to contact your local police department to see how that is handled in your local area or state. It will also depend on where you will be storing the veh...
Asked by Angie
Answered by Kirby Thomas PRO+
Online Life Insurance Comp in San Diego, CA
Usually, decreasing term insurance is not your best approach. Here is why: the cost will usually remain constant, but the death benefit will reduce. Also, the benefici...
Asked by Debbie
Answered by Michael Minter
Financial Adviser in Tampa, FL
This is a legal question and should be directed to a local attorney that specializes in Social Security disability and or Medicaid with the ability to set-up some sort...
Asked by Daniel
Answered by Greg Fischer
Mortgage Professional in Manchester, NH
I'm a mortgage guy - NOT an insurance guy, but I know several. Most companies have a big formula for what needs to be covered, and a second one for what you might w...
Asked by Jackie
Answered by Ebrahim Rad
LUTCF , CLTC , MDRT in Woodland Hills, CA
You can get through some program like AARP if you have health problem and if not base on your need there are affordable life insurance. . you can get for example unive...
Asked by Meredith L
Answered by Dan Crimmins
Financial Adviser in Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Hi Meredith, Let's start at the beginning. Do you need life insurance coverage to protect the income needs of someone who you are supporting? If yes, then the best ...
Asked by Selena
Answered by MoneyTips Writing Staff
Financial Adviser in Los Angeles, CA
Hi Selena, You may want to check out the answer to this similar question, as it applies to your situation as well. My disabled daughter currently collects SSI no...
Asked by Wanda Langley
Answered by David Klenske
Financial Adviser in Carlsbad, CA
Depends on your age, but it seems like you have it taken care of.
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