Asked by Celeste
Answered by Peter Navarra
Insurance Agent in Torrance, CA
In my opinion, plan "F" is a good option because it covers 100% of where Original Medicare leaves off. Any doctor in the United States that accepts Original Medicare w...
Asked by Brian
Answered by Pamela J. Horack, PRO+
CFP® in Lake Wylie, SC
Hi Brian! Here's a question for you - why would your insurance agent contact you to switch from a less expensive policy to a more expensive policy? Is he so thoughtful...
Asked by Angie
Answered by Gregg Himfar
Financial Adviser in Carlsbad, CA
Having an estate plan. Having a health directive, a trust, and beneficiaries stated on all retirement accounts. Perhaps life insurance is necessary to avoid your hei...
Asked by Meredith L
Answered by Amber Lidskin
Insurance Agent in Gold River, CA
My name is Amber Lidskin, and I am a Medicare Insurance Agent and specialist with Kuhtz Diehl Insurance Services. I would be happy to answer that question. Medic...
Asked by Elaine
Answered by MoneyTips Writing Staff
Financial Adviser in Los Angeles, CA
Hi Elaine, We have a few articles on credit insurance that should answer your questions. Credit Insurance 101 and Does Credit Insurance Make Sense
Asked by Katie Greene
Answered by Timothy Peddycoart PRO+
Insurance Agent in Big Lake, MN
A dwelling fire or "landlord policy" with special form coverage would be best in most instances to protect your property. It also protects you from certain types of l...
Asked by Katie Greene
Answered by Alan Soderquist
Independent Insurance Agent in Chehalis, WA
Diversify to reduce downside risk. If all your retirement eggs are in a company 401k or IRA, that can sometimes be trouble. Also a stock market downturn can harm you...
Asked by Nancy
Answered by Bradford Creger PRO+
MoneyTips Contributor in Pasadena, CA
Nancy, I’m not sure if I completely follow either answer previously provided and I’ve been licensed to sell life insurance for over 22 years. There was nothing incor...
Asked by Bobbie
Answered by Ronald Omar Flores
Membership Consultant/ Financial Consultant in Alviso, CA
Life and disability insurance to start. But I think Navy give some of this kind of insurance but like other employer don't cover all.
Asked by Crystal
Answered by Ryan Latko
Insurance Agent in Aledo, IL
Insurance is about managing your risk. If you just wanted a commercial liability policy it would not cost very much and maybe put your mind at ease. That being said ...
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