Asked by Eric Birkenstein, CLU, ChFC in Glencoe, IL
Yes, we have two - and they are extremely user friendly, give you carrier and cost info, and neither requires that you enter your personal information such as name, ph...
Asked by Brian
Answered by Timothy Peddycoart, Insurance AgentPRO+ in Big Lake, MN
It's good to review all your insurance periodically as mentioned circumstances and needs change. No one is going to look after your finances like you. It's a good idea...
Asked by Nancy
Answered by Paul Carag, Financial Adviser in Renton, WA
Hi Nancy, depending on the type of insurance you're interested in, they should definitely be licensed with your state's Office of the Insurance Commissioner, which you...
Asked by Crystal
Hello Crystal Let's get to the source of the worry by taking a closer look at what ratings mean. They point to only two things: the claims paying history of a carri...
Asked by Zanna
Hello Zana, Confusing, to say the least, right? Here is very likely what is happening when you get two different prices for the same plan. Elemental to the quoting ...
Asked by Meredith L
Hello Meridith, I would recommend that you, first, get an update on the policy from the carrier. With term policies, this is not so important since what you need to...
Asked by brittany.martinez530
Hello Brittany, When searching the topic of life insurance online, the “online” part of your search will put you in touch with human beings whom you can trust as mu...
Asked by an anonymous user
Technically, they are not the same thing. Practically, they aren't either. Most people use the two terms interchangeably, but insofar as a state's department of insura...
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