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Sr. Business Development at ManageStaff, Inc. in Tempe, AZ


Born in LA, grew up in MI, and got married in LA after 8 years in the navel Reserve, then 20 years in the Semiconductor industry, after being laid off in 2003, reinvented myself with Human Resource service sales at ManageStaff, Inc. Business owners get into business for a few different reasons is they like and know what they sell or service, they have a business to stay busy or help the community. What they did not realize is that once they hire their first Employee it's Like adopting children. You have to supply them with a clean and safe work environment, supply them with Benefits Medical Dental Vision and Oh so much more. We also supply you with a custom handbook so the kids know the rules, and we have a risk manager that act's as your trusted babysitter, and your Advisor for life. We also provide Safety manuals, Employee Training, Sexual Harassment training, we also become you knowledge base so no more spending hours on the internet to find the answer to any HR Workers' Comp. or Benefits question. Workers Compensation Insurance has changed over the years, and we have kept up with those changes. We obtain, monitor, perform Audits and handle any claims you might have to insure your employees are protected from poor medical services and delays from your employees getting the help they need and back to work. So if you find your company growing, or if your starting one and know you will have employees, give me a call, I can help in many ways, at manageStaff we want to be your HR Partner down the street not the Hall. Costs, our fees are usually 1/2 the cost of 1 HR employee, so if you want professionals to expertly handle your people .... Text "GetPayroll to 90210" Specialties: Workers Compensation, Payroll, Employee Taxes, E Verify, Unemployment, Employee Handbooks, Employee Benefits and Medical, Dental, Life, Disability Insurance, LTC, GL, E&O, Auto insurance and more

950 West Elliot Rd. Suite 212 in Tempe, AZ 85284
Languages: English
Year started: 2004


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