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In over 50,000 client interactions our group has identified 21 little things in your financial life that go unchecked that can jump up and get you when you can least afford them. Most people have a great financial advisor that is looking out for the big things, yet these 21 little things are the biggest cause of problems in our lives. In those 50,000+ interactions the fewest number of little things that were unchecked was 17 and most have 19 or 20. Think about it this way…if your 18 year old daughter was going to drive across the country to college in your 10 year old car would you just have it tuned up or would you have your mechanic do a 21-Point Checklist to make sure nothing small is lurking out of sight that might pop up and cause the car to breakdown and leave her stranded in the middle of nowhere? Our 21-Point Checklist is designed to make sure the road through your financial life is a smooth one by: -Understanding all the opportunities available to you, -Filtering valid vs. invalid information bas

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