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Help successful people navigate the complexities created by large income and/or Net Worth. .

Financial Counsultant at Gold Leaf Advisory in Mesa, AZ


"I am prepared for the worst and hope for the best" Benjamin Desraeli This quote perfectly describes my philosophy toward financial consulting. I empower clients by helping them to face their fears and gain massive confidence toward their financial lives. This is accomplished by sharing uncommon vision and insights honed over two decades of intense study and observation of financial strategy. My mission is helping higher income (above $300k/yr) and/or higher net worth (above $5 million) have access to the unique tools and the specialists needed to survive and thrive at peak success levels. Many will taste success once, never to find it again. Reasons differ but the undertow is this: Success at any level breeds weakness and many find that their success becomes fleeting. Two areas that we confront head on are Tax and Death Planning. These are the two guaranteed issues that many successful fail to fully confront and pay huge price for the ignorance. Once these areas are fully vetted and optimized, then we build on foundation with Investment planning, Income planning, Asset Protection, and Legacy Development. A team of multi disciplined specialists are used to craft plans based on the latest best practices. A consultative approach is used throughout relationship. If we can not provide solution, we will find you someone who can. We are independent and offer non conflicted advice that is problem solution based. Our ideal clients typically are Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Medical Professionals, Dental Professionals, Athletes and Attorneys. With over 27 years working directly with clients, many of whom are at the top of their chosen profession; I bring that Real World experience to each relationship. My personal specialty is knowledge of how to analyze complex financial data and create powerful strategy based on my lifelong dedication to serving at highest level. Contact John P. Duncan Phone: 480-285-1998 (office)

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