Learn the Secrets of America’s Successful Retirees

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Learn the Secrets of America’s Successful Retirees
September 26, 2014

“For many of us, retirement isn’t a long hoped-for goal, but a frightening source of stress. According to MoneyTips’ 2014 survey of Baby Boomers, one in three Americans age 60 or older is not ready for retirement. What’s even more unsettling, 37% said they are uncomfortable with their current standard of living, which means they can’t even work on preparing for retirement due to the shakiness of their current finances.

“The thing is, people don’t avoid planning for retirement because they think it’s not important. They avoid it because they’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

“If that’s you, then this eBook is here to help.”
Emily Guy Birken, author, The Retiree Next Door: Seniors’ Surprising Success Secrets.

This summer, MoneyTips set out to expose the hidden keys to retiring successfully by conducting a landmark retirement survey of 510 Americans that reveals how they saved, invested, and planned for retirement. Retirees and semi-retirees also shared how they are living out their golden years.

This eBook focuses solely on the responses of successful retirees and semi-retirees —those who reported they are living comfortably in retirement. We purposefully declined to use any specific financial metrics to define success, as the cost of living varies dramatically by geography and lifestyle, and because each person’s retirement journey is so unique.

After we analyzed the data, more than 50 community leaders joined a conversation about what it takes to retire successfully, including Certified Financial Planners Cathy Curtis, Carolyn McClanahan , Jeff Rose and Roger P. Whitney ; Certified Public Accountants Ebong Eka and Philip Taylor ; Wealth Manager Winnie Sun; and personal finance bloggers Scott and Carrie Maderer , among others. These thought leaders contributed blog posts, video interviews, podcasts and quotes to this eBook.

Our hope is that the collective wisdom of these comfortably retired and semi-retired men and women -- together with insights from top social influencers -- will help Americans prepare for their own successful retirement.

To receive a copy of the eBook, click here to download “The Retiree Next Door: Successful Seniors’ Surprising Secrets.”

The cost? It’s absolutely free! All you have to do is join MoneyTips, which is also free. What better way to start planning your retirement – or improving your current one -- than getting free advice from those who have succeeded?

Download the free eBook The Retiree Next Door: Successful Seniors’ Surprising Secrets.

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Want to retire in comfort? We have gathered some of the top social influencers in personal finance to share tips to help you dramatically improve your chances of one day retiring in style - 140 characters at a time. Join the #RetireeNextDoor (LIVE) Tweetjam November 18, 2014 at 11 am PT. Read more about it.

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