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If one qualifies for a grant for first time home buyer, are there any lenders or realtors who are available to assist?

In need of a lender.
Paid down credit card debt from $988 to $400. They closed my account.
Owe $1,500 on other credit card but they have closed my account.
Will this prevent me from getting my first time loan, if needed?

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December 16, 2014

There should be many lender options to assist in your questions regarding grant programs and credit card payment strategy

If you have already done so - begin the loan pre approval process in your are with a local lender ( as they will likely know more about the grant and DPA ( down payment assistance ) options for your area might try using your states housing finance commission to locate a lender that's familiar with these programs

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November 18, 2015

Did credit card companies close your account for poor payment record? Closing accounts does bring down FICO score. We have grants for first time and second time buyers. Income limits are set by the county where you plan to purchase.

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